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About Nui Nui

South Seas Pub Overlooking North Shore Lagoon Pool

Venture upstairs from the North Shore Lagoon to Nui Nui along a wall paneled in teak recycled from 100-year-old Balinese fishing boats, and be sure to look up at fixtures made from Balinese chicken cages and hand-blown glass. When you arrive at this island-style “hut,” monolithic Polynesian statues greet visitors, and carved sandstone from Bali points the way. Make yourself at home overlooking the North Shore Lagoon swimming pool; choose from a bench made from a teak tree trunk pulled from a river in Bali, oil drum furniture from Indonesia, or perch at a bar made of Balinese monkey pod tree, then unfold a menu like no other in Bothell.

Potions and cuisine from the South Seas, Caribbean, South America, and places that only exist in myth and tales may be found. We're home to more than 80 rums and plenty of cocktails to showcase them. Coconut prawns paired with a mango daiquiri will transport you south in minutes.

Have a Seat by the Lagoon 
Enjoy seasonal outdoor dining at Wegner's Garden adjacent to the pool - and order the specialty rum cocktails and menu offerings from Nui Nui for your own little slice of paradise.


Call in your order: (425) 219-4349
Order online with UberEats and DoorDash

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