Thursday, April 2, 2020


Delta Avenue

The Casimir Effect

8 pm

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21 and over

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Delta Avenue

Rock, pop & funk

Delta Avenue

We are Delta Avenue! We've risen from PDX to make sweet, sweet music for your ear holes. Delta Avenue is a five-piece rock, pop & funk band. Come rock with us!


The Casimir Effect

Progressive Pop/Rock

 The Casimir Effect

The Casimir Effect was founded on a simple belief: That music can be both catchy AND artistic. It can be rich and complex, and still be accessible. The same song that can make a crowded room want to tap their feet and sing along can also satisfy the fans who demand more from their music than 4 chords and a poppy hook. The Casimir Effect will appeal both to serious musicians, who can appreciate the musicianship and bold, out-of-the box writing style, as well as to the everyday music-lover who enjoys a catchy, well-written song.

The Casimir Effect boasts progressive song forms that include elements of rock, hip-hop, pop and jazz. Expect to hear unexpected turns, dramatic key changes, shifts in style and odd time signatures juxtaposed against pop melodies, rich harmonies, catchy beats and infectious choruses. The result is food for your brain as well as your ears, and will have you bobbing your head and singing along. You'll hear deep lyrics about love and loss and redemption, but more than anything about realizing your potential and pursuing your dreams, no matter who or what tells you you can't. The stories are wholesome and uplifting but also passionate and raw, as is the dynamic energy at a live TCE show. More than anything the music is diverse, covering a wide range of styles and sonic textures. There's something for everyone at a Casimir Effect performance- come on out and experience it for yourself!





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