Thursday, October 10, 2019

Ten Spiders

8 pm

$7 advance, $7 day of show

21 and over

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Ten Spiders

Americosmic Bluejam

Ten Spiders

Over an average lifespan, you will eat ten spiders in your sleep. Ten Spiders is also a jam band that's been surprising diverse audiences not just with gross facts about their unsuspecting sleep-time diet, but also with an entertaining blend of original music. A healthy serving of sassy and thoughtful songs will be served in this five-course, very-much-awake meal of rock, folk, funk, bluegrass, and jazz with a cover or two for dessert.

Philly-based Ten Spiders started as an acoustic trio and grew into a regional roots rock jam band over the course of the late 90s and early 00s. Over a decade, they played over 800 gigs in 10 different states and appeared live on community TV and radio. With banjo, electric bass, and drums at the core of every recording, they released two records, "Midnight Snack" and "Sun's Glow". The core members of the band, Maria and Steve Cahill, moved to Portland Oregon and took a break from playing out, but the songwriting continued.

Fast forward to October 2018. Ten Spiders has played a handful of venues in Oregon over the years, but they've got some pent up energy. The same trio from Philly records 18 songs live in a marathon 10-hour session at the Hallowed Halls, except now Maria has replaced some of her banjo parts with the voicings on her grandfather's hollow-body electric guitar. They luck into working with Justin Phelps, a highly skilled person who has engineered sound for some of their favorite bands like Mars Volta, Cake, and Galactic.

Ten Spiders expects to release their third record in summer 2019. Until then, they are ramping up their live shows excited to share this new material. Still heavily influenced by the diverse Philly live music scene, their songs are folky, but not folk; rocky, but not rock; funky, but not funk; jazzy, but not jazz; and bluegrassy, but not bluegrass. Set to appealing, upbeat grooves, thoughtful and witty lyrics reflect the angst and joy of life in the "modern world".



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