Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Distillery

Established: September 2011


Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur

Phil Hazelnut Liqueur is handcrafted from a base of pure McMenamins unaged wheat whiskey and flavored with Oregon-grown filberts. The hazelnuts used to craft the liqueur are processed just 10 minutes from the CPR distillery. The inspiration for the spirit is a nod to the property, formerly known as Imbrie Farm, which is still dotted with filbert trees.


Distillery and Brewery tours available, please call 503-640-6174 for tour times.


Set in an old granary barn constructed by the pioneer Imbrie family in the mid-1850s, the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Hillsboro Distillery boasts a century-year-old, 160-gallon Alambic Charentais pot still, gleaming a polished copper against a specially built, solid brick housing (using bricks recycled from Edgefield, the Kennedy School and the Crystal Hotel). Sourced from an old barn in Cognac, France, the still itself has a definite "steam punk" look to it – in fact, one wonders if this type of old-timey contraption wasn't the inspiration for the steam punk movement itself?

These Alambic Charentais pot stills are traditionally used to produce cognac. We here at the Roadhouse Distillery will expect a spirit that is silky in texture and retains much of the rich aromatics and flavors of base ingredients we use to craft our spirits – a direct reflection of the elegant curves and bends of the still itself.

Guests to the property are welcome to order a pint in Imbrie Hall and stroll over to have a look inside this barn-turned-still, where distiller Bart Hance will be working some magic. We plan to release whiskeys, brandies, gins and more in the coming years.

McMenamins spirits are available for purchase at the Cornelius Pass Roadhouse and 11 other McMenamins locations.

Did you know we have another distillery? Visit the Edgefield Distillery, our first in the company, founded in 1998.


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