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A Scenic Oregon Coast Hotel

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Just four miles north of Seaside, our McMenamins Gearhart Hotel along the northern Oregon Coast is located adjacent to the Gearhart Golf Links and just across the dunes from the beach.

Gearhart Hotel is located in the historic Kelly House, the same building that houses McMenamins Sand Trap Pub and Gearhart Golf Links pro shop. Eighteen guest rooms were constructed on the third floor of the Cape Cod-style building, featuring king- or queen-sized beds with en suite bathrooms. The rooms are decorated in a Pacific Northwest coastal style, integrating McMenamins' signature artwork inspired by the the book "The Mystery of Golf" by 19th-century author Arnold Haultain.

McMenamins opened the Gearhart Hotel on May 11, 2012. It has three predecessors over the past 122 years, each at different sites in Gearhart, but all connected with the pioneer golf course.

caddy shackThe original Hotel Gearhart, built in 1890, was a popular summertime retreat for wealthy Portlanders and their families. Within a year or two, an informal golf course was laid out nearby (which evolved into today's 18-hole Gearhart Golf Links). The hostelry burned down in 1913, as did it successor, two years later. The third Hotel Gearhart opened in 1923, and remained an Oregon Coast landmark until being razed in 1972.

This newest incarnation of the Gearhart Hotel is "a phoenix rising from the ashes," a welcome place not only for golfers but also for visitors all along the coast. Located just across the way from the Pacific Ocean, the hotel is a convenient spot from which to explore Oregon's seaside towns and villages.

Among Oregon Coast hotels, McMenamins Gearhart Hotel is scenically situated to fit your golf and authentic Pacific Northwest coastal needs. Make reservations online, or by phone at (503) 717-8159 or (855) 846-7583.

Gearhart Hotel allows pets on part of the back patio and in hotel rooms for a $15 fee.


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