Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Sylvi


An apparition inhabits Sarah Feinberg. You may not notice it to look at the California-born, Northwest-raised singer-songwriter, but as soon as the musician opens her mouth, the spirit is evident. It twirls and swirls above and around her mortal visage. It grows flush to the ceiling; it enraptures, haunts and sticks with you, yourself now part-poltergeist for all its sonic prowess.  

Feinberg, who also plays in two prominent Northwest groups, TELLERS and I Will Keep Your Ghost, first learned guitar from her mother at 11-years-old. She wrote her first song not long after. Since, she has busked at the historic Pike Place Market and opened for Emerald City luminaries like Damien Jurado, SISTERS and Shelby Earl. This year, however, she is venturing out on her own with her new solo project, Sylvi. 

The endeavor represents a fresh aim for the artist: to experiment with song on her own terms, unfettered by the ambitions of others. Sylvi will release its debut 5-song EP, HomeBody, this fall. Produced by local legend, Karl Blau, the ambitious album feels more like a shriek in the greying wilderness than a simple recording. It resembles the mist that clings to tree branch and Cascade mountain crag. It is the deep breath and furtive exhale of the sonic soul that's always inhabited Seattle.

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