Highland Pub & Brewery

Brewin' beer in the 'burbs

Set in the outer reaches of the Portland suburb known as Gresham, the Highland Pub & Brewery boasts stainless steel fermenting tanks from England's legendary Whitbread Brewery, founded in the 1700s (although our tanks are a bit newer than that...).

To top that off, so to speak, take a gander at our gorgeous psychedelic-Italianate chandelier, a sibling of the pair hanging from the rafters of our rocking Crystal Ballroom in downtown Portland.

Enjoy Northwest-style pub fare with friends and family at the Highland. And don't forget to have a pint or two, brewed just steps away in the onsite brewery.

Interested in purchasing a keg? Call the brewery at (503) 661-7538 and review our list of keg sales frequently asked questions.

Highland Pub allows pets at our sidewalk seating only.


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