• 7 p.m. |
  • Free |
  • 21 and over

About Tiburones


Tiburones is a wild new musical project joining the sometimes unhinged vocals of Y La Bamba's Luz Elena Mendoza, with the fiery intensity of Nick Delffs of Shaky Hands and Death Songs.

Luz and Nick began collaborating when Y La Bamba and Death Songs toured the west coast in 2012. During that tour, they discovered a mutual reverence that sung louder than words. 

After touring with The Lumineers in 2012, and inspired by the journey, Luz and Nick began to collect their songs with a raw approach. "The thrill of creating new music overwhelmed us and gave us a path to celebrate life with others." she said. 

The vibrant, incessant beat of Tiburones is an intoxicating three piece with enchanting harmonies and syncopated percussion, electric guitar, bass and keys. 

Influenced by Neil Young, Patti Smith, Richard Brautigan and the pulse of the Velvet Underground, Tiburones frames the sound of folk, with beat heavy rhythms, and songs that split the sea. 

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