Brian McGinty

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About Brian McGinty


Weaving together thoughtful lyrics with catchy melodies, Brian McGinty is a musical descendent of classic songwriters like Billy Joel, Don Henley, and Peter Gabriel.  Brian brings warmth, humor, and intelligence to a performance that's a little bit rock, a little bit folk, and a whole lot of fun.

Brian grew up in the Washington DC area, where he was a theater and music geek from a very early age.  Performing in plays, choirs, and his church's folk group, Brian always felt right at home on a stage.

At 18, he headed out to the West Coast to study theater at UCLA.  After graduating, he spent several years doing the struggling actor/musician routine in Los Angeles.  He eventually burned out on that experience, and decided it was time for a change.

In 2008, he made his way up to Oregon, where he found the creative community he was looking for.  Re-energized by his new surroundings, Brian has been making a name for himself on Portland's exciting and emerging music scene.

Brian's first CD - Songs from the Counter of the Kettle - was released in 2000 on 7 Records.  In 2006, Brian started his own label, called Habersham Records.  He has released two self-produced CD's on Habersham, as well as a live EP that he recorded in London.  All of Brian's music is available for sale exclusively at



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