Lonesome Billies CD Release Party!

The Lonesome Billies

The Blackberry Bushes Stringband

  • 9:30 p.m. |
  • $8 advance, $8 day of show |
  • 21 and over
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About The Lonesome Billies


The Lonesome Billies CD Release Party! Debut EP "Useless Bay"

"Sometimes two men are so alike, they just can't help but hate each other. Sometimes when a man stares down the barrel of a gun and refuses to die you just can't help but respect him. And so it goes with The Lonesome Billies..."

The Lonesome Billies are an outlaw country western band currently based in Portland, Oregon. The Billies shoot from the hip with a classic sound that has been described as "boot stomping, gator hootin, whiskey swilling music". Four men from the badlands of Hazel Dell who have stuck together from their early days and have developed a bond akin to brotherhood. Like the outlaw singers and guitar pickers who have come before, these fellas tell stories. Sometimes about themselves, other times about the people and the places that they cross out on the open road.

While writing the songs that would eventually become The Lonesome Billies debut EP "Useless Bay", these lifelong friends inadvertently began creating the fictional world of The Lonesome Billies. Songs like "Useless Bay" tell the tale of a miserable, lowdown hole in the ground town that The Billies call home. "Eye For An Eye" tells how the Billies originally tried to kill each other, and lying on the ground, blood spilling from their bellies, finally see eye to eye. "They Broke My Guitar", the standout track on this EP, is a song that draws on a timeless rock n roll concept: don't let the man bring you down.

"Useless Bay" was recorded over the summer/fall of 2011 in the garage and basement, just the way a group of guys who grew up listening to punk rock believe it should be done. With the help of Eli Chuckovich (of The Hands and other Seattle rock projects from recent years) and Brandon Eggleston (Cloud City Studios, Portland) mixing and putting on the finishing touches the end result is a rough around the edges but still polished debut offering. "Useless Bay" is set to be self released in November and The Lonesome Billies will be playing dates in support around the Northwest.

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About The Blackberry Bushes Stringband


The Blackberry Bushes are an acoustic string band of four prolific songwriters and multi-instrumentalists from Olympia, WA. Their repertoire of original americana, traditional old-time, and bluegrass music is infused with their love of jazz, indie, punk and alternative styles. They have been dubbed the "Mountain Divas" and "Olympia's Sirens of Indiegrass" and sound like a radio from yesteryear thrown into the treetops. They are Persephone and her sirens singing songs you have never heard but always known.

A Blackberry Bushes performance takes the audience on a journey of "Soaring harmonies, delicious lyrics, and toe tapping acoustic grooves...their music is sophisticated and energetic." The Bushes perform regularly in bars, cafes, galleries, radio stations, festivals, acoustic houses, private events and street corners. They playted at The Oregon Country Fair, The Northwest Folklife Festival, and competed in the Telluride Bluegrass Festival Band competition. They tour throughout the Pacific Northwest, Mountain West, and California coast.

The Blackberry Bushes aspire to the highest levels of artistry and professionalism in composition and performance. Wherever they perform The Blackberry Bushes have always instigated fun with uncommon ease, and they have been received with true approval.


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