Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wilsonville Old Church & Pub

    • Mike Midlo

    7 p.m.

    All ages welcome



Mike Midlo

Mike Midlo plays American music; country stomps, barrelhouse blues, folk ballads, and old skool rockers. They're the kind of songs that have a good story to tell, a solid beat, and catchy sing-along choruses that you'll find yourself humming the next day.

Midlo is also the creative force behind the band Pancake Breakfast, a roots rock machine from Portland, Oregon. Known for their high-energy, audience-inclusive set, Pancake Breakfast has built a strong following by playing clubs, festivals, and campfires around the West. Their self-titled debut record was released in October 2010 along with several companion music videos.

I really like this band called Pancake Breakfast ... It's just  this guy Mike Midlo and a cast of characters to back him up ... At the core of it is good songwriting ... every time I see them I feel like I'm peeking into somebody's living room while they're having a family sing along. --Carrie Brownstein, Fader Magazine Interview, January 2011