Monday, October 29, 2012

Kennedy School

    • History Pub Monday at Kennedy School

    • "Geological History and the development of Oregon's Wine Industry"

    • A presentation by Scott F. Burns, professor of Geology, Portland State University, and Rachael Cristine Woody, Archivist, Linfield College

    7 p.m.

    All ages welcome


This special Oregon Wine program will explore the relationship of geology, soils, and climate to wine, and discuss the development of the wine industry in our State, noting the geology of the wine regions, and show how they have meshed.

Additionally, exciting progress with the Oregon Wine History Archive (OWHA) will be described and explained. Materials in the developing OWHA collection will eventually document all aspects of the Oregon wine industry; including people from every aspect of work, wineries from every Oregon region, and materials that illustrate the process from the planting of the grape to the bottling and selling of wine. 

History Pub Monday at Kennedy School

Join us for beer and history, sponsored by the Oregon Historical Society, Holy Names Heritage Center and McMenamins, in which you'll hear lively local or regional history while you enjoy a frosty pint or two of handcrafted ale.