Friday, October 12, 2012

Rock Creek Tavern

    • Rockin' Chair

    9 p.m.

    All ages until 10 p.m.



Rockin' Chair

Rockin' Chair is an acoustic country-rock foursome that falls somewhere between The Band, The Beatles and The Carter Family. The core listener experience is the vocal synergy of Dan Haley (guitar, mandolin), Kris Deelane (bass), and Rachael Rice (guitar, harmonica) supported by rotating percussionists. The three vocalists are known as evocative singer/songwriters in their own right, but when they blend their voices together to create three-part harmonies - they send listeners out of this world. Their repertoire mixes originals as well as covers from The Band, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Townes Van Zandt and old traditional numbers. A treat for the ears! An imperative for the feet!