Sneaky Bones

Nature Thief

Less Cash

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  • 21 and over

About Sneaky Bones


Sneaky Bones is the long awaited reunion of Matthew Bean and Gordon Keepers. Bean and Keepers ended their Americana act Wy'east almost three years ago. Since that time, Gordon has spent over two years touring nationally and internationally with sensational Portland bluegrass/folk punk band Water Tower (Bucket Boys), and last year founded his own project, Levon's Helmet, releasing a heavily praised EP in mid November. Matthew attended the Berklee School of Music for two years, all the while touring with his duo project The Dwells, gaining a following on the East coast. Making music together again after such a long and dynamic period of growth, the two cite Jason Molina, Elliot Smith, The Old 97's, and Ryan Adams as main influences on their brand of Cosmic Americana

About Nature Thief

Content Nature Thief has morphed from a solo act into a four-manned melodic, haunting beast. Come hear tunes that range from the lightness of butterflies flying over green-meadowed mountains to the face-meltingness of realizing "Oh wait, those aren't just mountains-- those are volcanoes. Poor butterflies."

About Less Cash


Less Cash is a three piece rock band from Portland OR. There is not to much to be said for them, apart from the fact that they are great friends and can't imagine not playing music in some capacity. Alpha and John Rasmussen, are a brother and sister double threat on bass and drums. Mark Breitenbach writes, sings, and plays guitar. They have been told they sound like everything from Indie to Country to Broadway Rock.....they like to say they sound like all of this mixed together and then turned up pretty loud.


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