"The Assembly" hosts

2013 Summer Documentary Series, presented by NW Doc and POWFest

"Best Short Documentaries 2008"

I Always Do My Collars First

Like a Ship in the Night

Granny D Goes to Washington


  • 6 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. show |
  • $7 advance, $7 day of show |
  • Minor with parent or guardian
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About 2013 Summer Documentary Series, presented by NW Doc and POWFest


POWFest and NW Documentary have joined forces for a week long documentary series! Kicking off on Friday August 23 with the summer Homegrown Doc Festival, the week will include family programming, fresh documentaries, local premieres, and a collection of POWFest favorites from the past six years. The series will conclude on Friday August 30th with a special engagement with award-winning documentary director Ondi Timoner. Ms. Timoner will be on hand to discuss her career in film, share clips of her past and current work and engage screen the documentaries DIG! and We Live in Public.

Friday, August 23
Homegrown Docfest (7 p.m.)
Beth Harrington (10 p.m.)

Saturday, August 24
Best Short Documentaries 2008 (7 p.m.)
Best Feature Documentary 2008 (9:30 p.m.)

Sunday, August 25
"Young Voices, New Visions" (2 p.m.)
"A Celebration of Life on Two Wheels: Bikes!" (6 p.m.)
"A Celebration of Life on Two Wheels: Motorcycles!"

Monday, August 26
"Best of POWFest 2010" (7 p.m.)
"Best of POWFest 2011" (9:30 p.m.)

Tuesday, August 27
"Best of POWFest 2012: short films" (7 p.m.)
"Best of POWFest 2013" (9:30 p.m.)

Wednesday, August 28
"NW Documentary Retrospective" (7 p.m.)
"Further Afar: A Night of Adventure Filmmaking" (9:30 p.m.)

Thursday, August 29
"In Process" (7 p.m.)
"Keeping Portland Weird" (9:30 p.m.)

Friday, August 30
Ondi Timoner films and discussion (7 p.m.)

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About "Best Short Documentaries 2008"

I Always Do My Collars First (25 mins):  I Always Do My Collars First follows four dynamic Cajun women in Southwestern Louisiana as they go about their daily lives while telling and showing us what ironing means to them. Ironing is a nurturing, emotional, and learned process, transmitted from mothers to daughters; it is an activity performed with aesthetic sensibilities that connect these women to other women in their community.

Like a Ship in the Night (30 mins):  Abortion is illegal in Ireland, punishable by life imprisonment. And yet at least 8,000 women a year travel to England for abortions. They make this journey in secret and return in silence. LIKE A SHIP IN THE NIGHT follows Mary, Louise and Siobhan as they plan their journeys across the Irish sea. (Directed by Melissa Thompson)

Granny D Goes to Washington(26 mins): What happens when an 89 year old idealist decides to walk across the United States to demand that Washington lawmakers clean up their act? (Directed by Alidra Solday) http://grannyddoc.com/

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... The Assembly

The Mission Theater – the place that first put beers into the hands of Portland theater-goers so many years ago – has proudly introduced a new line of programming, dubbed “The Assembly.”

While retaining its relaxed environment, comfortable seating and matchless sightlines, the Mission is dropping its second-run movies, stepping up its food and beverage offerings, and – best of all – evolving the theater’s programming dramatically. The core of The Assembly features film screenings with related lectures, interviews, and performances that bring cinema to life. And fans of Mortified, Miz Kitty and live music will be happy to learn that many of the live performances that we've all loved over the years will continue. After all, The Assembly's primary mission – engaging audiences with events that are both enriching and entertaining – has few boundaries! 

So get your curiosity on and gather with us at The Assembly. There's a lot of world out there.

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