Pinehurst Kids

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About Pinehurst Kids


Don't call it a comeback. With Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist Joe Davis at the helm, the band that put the hate in hiatus is back with the trademark sound and sass that make them the underdog stars of the Northwest indie music scene.

"Davis plays like a man who fears the end could come any minute. His bandmates possess the same frantic pop grind as Superchunk, as well as the choirboy sweetness of Sunny Day Real Estate. The music's frail and fresh, and it goes by at 90 miles an hour."--Alternative Press

In terms of experience and rock skills, Pinehurst Kids aren't exactly kids anymore. In the mid '90s, Idaho troubadour Joe Davis escaped his childhood haunts of Pinehurst and Boise, Idaho and moved to Portland, Oregon where he began crafting high-energy pop songs with friend and drummer Robler Kind.

Joe and Robler played a few shows for beer money as a two piece and were seen by Portland stalwart Caleb Gates, who was impressed and smitten with the idea of playing bass in the band. With the lineup solidified, it wasn't long before the newly formed trio was ready to lay some tracks at new friend Larry Crane's Jackpot studio. Initially, the band's intent was to make a demo to give to friends and clubs, but focus group response created a substantial buzz around town. So the boys cranked out a few more songs, and with a bit of borrowed cash their self-released debut LPMinnesota Hotel hit the streets.

During the recording process, Gene Poole joined the band as second guitarist and was in the lineup in for their very first tour in January of 1998. Rolling down I-5 for the first of many times, the game changed for PK; it wasn't just an excuse to spill beer in the basement and play fun local shows--there was something bigger at work.

"A very impressive piece of infectious and as insistent a collection of power chords as anything I've heard this year . . . grinding up folks as disparate as Weezer and Nirvana and fusing them together in a Pabst-fired kiln."--John Chandler, The Rocket

Minnesota Hotel established Pinehurst Kids as a recognizable sound on the burgeoning Portland, Oregon music scene. The bands sophomore effort, Viewmaster garnered the band more widespread recognition. With the help of Chicago indie Four Alarm Records, the LP charted in the top 10 of the CMJ and recieved glowing reviews from the likes of Alternative Press and Entertainment Weekly as well as accolades from industry big wigs and buddyhead bad boys alike.

Pinehurst Kids' third LP,Bleed It Dry is the band's best and most adventurous record to date. The record showcases the Kids' maturing songwriting prowess and features a bit more production and polish thanks to the mixing skills of John Goodmanson, whose credits include Soundgarden, Blonde Redhead and the Wu Tang Clan. In traditional fashion, the tracking was done at Jackpot with Larry, who has since blown up worldwide as the publisher of Tapeop magazine.

Bleed It Dry is an infectious slab of power pop, rife with saccharine hooks that stick in the head hours after the album is over, and ones that stir the heartstrings ever so subtly while it's in rotation, with boundless, youthful energy to spare even during its more bittersweet and downered moments.--Ink 19

The Kids have traveled the US extensively, having played and toured with the likes of Guided By Voices, Built To Spill, Death Cab for Cutie, Alkaline Trio and Superchunk. Their music can be heard on Fox and NBC TV programs including Buffy the Vampire Slayer. As the band enters its second decade of rock, they continue to kick out the heartfelt jams that their friends and fans have come to love and adore.

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