Steelhead Duo: Sloan Martin & Tate Peterson

Jeffrey Martin

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About Steelhead Duo: Sloan Martin & Tate Peterson


Formerly frontman of psychedelic alt. country band Celilo Sloan Martin from Portland, Oregon Sloan Martin started out as a drummer but was drawn to the power of the classic songwriters of the late 60's and 70's like Young, Dylan, Townes Van Zandt, the Boss and then to his contemporaries like Justin Vernon, Tallest Man On Earth, Ryan Adams, PattyGriffin. So on the guitar he was able to fuse his love for rhythm with the melodies drifting thru his head and also his love for literature and poetry. His songs started out inspired by the bluegrass music of his home state of Kentucky, then drifted to, then back to rock and roll where it all started. "Now the tunes just come as they are, its not up to me, I just have to catch them! That being said its hard work to finish and craft such gifts born on the wind! It can sometimes take weeks to write something that ends up being 3 minutes long. But who's counting?" Steelhead released their first record the Blue Sun EP in February to rave reviews.

"Sunken Ships" Celilo from Jon Garcia (Lake Productions ) on Vimeo.




About Jeffrey Martin


While I was earning an English degree, Josh Ritter came to my college and put on a small solo concert. Watching Ritter on stage was like watching someone trying to make sense of their existence, in real time, with a guitar and words.  It seemed to be less of a performance and more of one man's necessity, which happened to be on public display that night.  I had written songs before then, but certainly all that followed became something else entirely.  I strive to find those songs, to write those songs, that exist in that perfect place perched between my own experience and the common experience that everyone can relate to.  This rarely happens (in fact, I don't even know if it's happened yet.)  I also think that I take myself much too seriously, and I have a lot to learn about writing songs that make people feel good; that make people want to shake around a little bit.

When I'm not playing music I substitute teach high school students.  People love to ask how I balance music and teaching, which one I'm more passionate about; would I leave teaching behind entirely to pursue music?  Does teaching influence my music?  I don't know the answer to any of these things.  I am passionate about music and I am passionate about teaching.  Some days I can't stand music, some days I can't stand teaching.  Both can feel like work, and both can leave me feeling like a crook for getting paid to do what I do.

I grew up a little bit in Texas, and then mostly in Oregon.  My parents read to me at night and took me to the library and flooded my ears with music that meant something.  My mom made me learn the cello at a young age.  My dad took me to see John Gorka and Leo Kotke.  I have a dog, a yellow lab named Ben, who has toured more than 10,000 miles with me over the past few years (human miles.)  I play an old 1970′s Takamine gifted to me by my uncle.

-Jeffrey Martin has released two albums.  Gold in the Water (2009) and Build A Home EP (2012.)  In 2011 he was invited to the Sisters Folk Festival as an emerging artist, and then returned in 2012 as an officially showcased artist.  In fall of 2012 Jeffrey was a finalist in the Mountain Stage / New Song contest in New York City.  And he has earned songwriting mentions in American Songwriter Magazine, as well as the 2009 Kerrville Folk Fest songwriter contest.  

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