The Harmonica Pocket

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  • Free |
  • All ages welcome

About The Harmonica Pocket

Content The Harmonica Pocket begins simply as the swinging songs of composer Keeth Monta Apgar. Apgar delivers storytelling lyrics accompanied by thick jazz chord progressions wrapped up into thoughtful, mature songs, which are brought to life by a rotating musical pop-gang of friends. As both a recording and live performance project, The Harmonica Pocket is known for its outside-the-box headphone-pop and highly improvised live shows laced with unusual cover songs. The group also has a touring children's show which has performed in classrooms, libraries and festivals. The Harmonica Pocket's 2008 release, Ladybug One, is a truly all-ages album made for kids and adults to listen to together. The album was recorded off the grid using solar electricity and is full of genre-crossing originals and twists on traditional folk songs. said "you won't hear arrangements like this on any other album for children." From the opening soundscape "The Light of a Firefly," featuring a science lesson presented by an 8 year old, straight into the 60s inspired pop-jazzy "Firefly," and from the supercatchy horn-laden reggae counting song "Ladybug 123" to the darkest version of the alphabet song you've ever heard (complete with wah-wah guitar and electronic beats), The Harmonica Pocket consistently takes musical risks and colors outside the lines of what everyone else is doing. The band's music has charted on core college and non-commercial CMJ radio stations around the country, is being played on MTV and other cable stations, and is currently being downloaded all over the planet.
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