The Gravy

  • 7 p.m. |
  • Free |
  • All ages welcome

About The Gravy


Bette Midler & Louis C.K. meet The Wood Brothers!

The Gravy is a delicious stew of Americana genres concocted in the musical kitchen of Leah Hinchcliff and Andrew Maldarelli.

They call the mixture...Funky Blue Soul Grass.

As a duo Andrew and Leah bring years of experience to The Gravy menu. The duo's repertoire consists of beautifully crafted original songs with thoughtfully chosen covers to create a perfect show for most occasions and all tastes.

Since coming on the scene in 2008, Gravy has been delighting audiences throughout the Northwest with their rootsy yet innovative sound. Their mutual love for acoustic music with a soulful twist led the two friends to form The Gravy.

Leah Hinchcliff is a charming entertainer and fiery, passionate performer.  Her bass playing has been honed as a touring bassist for blues and funk bands while her gleeful command of "the doghouse" (aka upright bass) is a formidable pilar of The Gravy's soulful foundation. Leah also contributes intricate harmonies and warm lead vocals to the taste of The Gravy.

Andrew Maldarelli began his performing career in musical theatre and Manhattan Transfer-style singing groups. He entertains audiences with his quick wit and charisma, while laying down rich and confident vintage guitar tones. Andrew's voice, mellifluous and fluid, evokes the warmth of James Taylor while maintaining the soul of Marvin Gaye.

As a band the act can add The Good Doctor Nancy Breaux on washboard and/or Jay Machamer on congas when they want to kick it up a notch.

Either way, everything is better with The Gravy!

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