Skip vonKuske's Groovy Wallpaper

w/The Sale

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  • 21 and over

About Skip vonKuske's Groovy Wallpaper


Skilled at several string instruments, Skip vonKuske's primary instrument for nearly thirty years has been the cello. While his intense classical education and experience with numerous symphonies speaks for itself, it's Skip's improvisational skills that set him apart from his classical music counterparts. Since 1997, Skip has recorded with well over fifty artists in the Portland area. His background as a singer/songwriter and sometime guitar player give him an insight into songcraft and studio work that few cellists can match. Currently, Skip juggles the schedules of several groups and performs an average of twenty times a month, in different genres: classical, jazz, flamenco, klezmer, pop, rock, and various forms of folk music.




About w/The Sale


The Sale is the brainchild of Portland, OR based singer/songwriters Bre Paletta and Justin Bennett, two independent thinkers who fell in love and started making beautiful music about the human experience.

With poignant, piercing honesty and bittersweet reflection, the pair's songs speak to the joy and pains of everyday life that can't be captured in everyday expression. Abundant and pressing at the seams with vivid metaphor and insightful wisdom, they let you see who they are and give you a glimpse inside yourself.

Rounding out these two is a swoon-worthy rhythm section. Devoted friends, gifted musicians and assets to the dynamic sound, drummer Chris Lay and bassist Michael Dougherty's dual intuition and chemistry bring drive, nuance and that extra kick in the pants. Long-time cohort, multi-instrumentalist Todd Bayles also accompanies on occasion as well as a rotating cast of players on an array of different instruments.

With musical roots in the staples of the 70s, 80s and 90s, The Sale draws influence from innovative heroes like Fleetwood Mac, Michael Jackson, Sade, and Bob Marley. Their respective formative years were a flurry of melodies and old vinyl, having been blessed with musical or music-loving parents.

These passionate artists bring energy and intensity to every performance to captivate listeners and evoke powerful emotion. Quickly becoming a mainstay in Portland's diverse music scene, The Sale is on a mission to heal the soul through music and community.

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