Dylan Thomas Vance

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  • Free |
  • 21 and over

About Dylan Thomas Vance

Content Dylan turned his focus toward music in the early nineties as a guitarist for Portland, Oregon rock band Tao Jones. Although Tao Jones quickly carved out a large niche following in The Northwest, The Leroy Vinegar Quartet changed Dylan?s religion from rock to jazz, and soon Dylan was working as the guitarist for The Sweet Honey Dijon Bad Ass Jazz Quartet at the 1201 Club and Jimmy Mak?s. He also majored in music at Portland State University where he studied with great players and teachers of the jazz tradition including Andrew Hill, Jerry Hahn, John Gross, Darrel Grant, and John Stowell. Though inspired by the acid jazz scene at Jimmy Mak?s, Dylan?s next project, The Groove Revelation, was closer to jazz-fusion. Again, in spite of the success of the band, Dylan truly discovered his muse when he had a slide bar made for him. What he thought would be a fun experiment changed his life. Now playing lap slide guitar and singing cowboy soul and country blues songs, his repetoire ranging ranging in the Hank Williams, Otis Redding, and Robert Johnson realms. Dylan has found wide-ranging audience appreciation from rural areas to major urban centers across the country. www.dylanthomasvance.com
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