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About Joe McMurrian


Joe McMurrian is a delta blues/roots songwriter based in Portland. His family is rooted in the hills of Oklahoma and the plains of Texas, and McMurrian grew up with America's old music deep in his ears. With the ability to infuse tradition with contemporary invention, he plays a rich amalgam of delta-style acoustic blues, roots, old-time, and original material -- all bearing his unique touch and delivery. He incorporates the delta slide over a fluid finger-style approach reminiscent of a Robert Pete Williams, Skip James or Bert Jansch with a rhythmic base out of R.L Burnside, Big Joe Williams and Roscoe Holcomb. McMurrian has been compared to such modern masters as Chris Smither and Kelly Joe Phelps, but he has a voice all his own and a bag of visions and sounds true to his own experience and delivery.


About Woodbrain

Content Recently signed to prominent Memphis Roots/Blues label Yellow Dog Records, Woodbrain (formerly the Joe McMurrian Quartet) brings a unique brand of high energy, modern delta blues rock jam sound to every show. Woodbrain features Joe McMurrian (guitar, banjo, vocal), Jimi Bott (drums), David Lipkind (harmonica) and Jason Honl (bass). The guitar-harmonica-bass-drums line-up might be mistaken for a typical blues collective -- at least until this fiery foursome begins to play, when it quickly becomes apparent they are potentially an evolutionary force in the genre. Or several genres at once. Woodbrain's energy is incendiary; their music deeply rooted in tradition. And yet their songwriting and improvisation pull those roots in all kinds of directions informed by the generations of Son House, Jimi Hendrix, and John Coltrane. Without sacrificing an iota of heart or soul, their sound effortlessly skirts boundaries to reach blues, rock, Americana, and jam scene listeners alike. Like fellow roots-based new music trailblazers Derek Trucks, Medeski Martin & Wood, and Widespread Panic, it is the exhilaration of making music within a profound tradition, and yet without boundaries, that keeps Woodbrain?s creative fires blazing. ?(new album)establishes this band as all that's right about the contemporary blues scene ....skillful, intrepid and full of more well-worn grooves than an old 78-rpm record. Woodbrain, for all its old-school, slow-smoked flavor, has definitely moved the genre forward in a fresh way. The band is..seamless, fearless and telepathic, laying miles of roots pavement over which McMurrian plies his gritty stories with a rough-and-tumble voice and monstrous guitar chops.? ~Don Campbell, Oregonian 2009 ?They?re extremely innovative with a sound completely their own... This quartet should be viewed as sculptors, or painters. They?re creating a new dimension of the blues within our dreams.? ~Cascade Blues Association

About Kory Quinn


I suppose if one could pinpoint exactly what it is that separates good folk and roots-based music from mediocre schlock, everyone would be getting it right. Obviously, not everyone does-but Portland-by-way-of-Indianapolis singer/songwriter Kory Quinn is one of those whose music not only upholds well-worn traditions but also sounds fresh in the process. It might be a case of believability: Quinn's latest nine-song collection, Waitin' for a Train, carries on the tradition of wandering troubadours and train-hopping drifters, and if that's a romantic notion (it's not entirely fabricated-Quinn recently took a trip across the US by train, although it was funded by Kickstarter, so one presumes he wasn't hopping from boxcar to boxcar), it's one that Quinn imbues with authenticity. In a crowded field of local roots musicians, Quinn stands out as one who's got his bead aimed precisely at the truth.

"[VAGABOND AMERICANA] With his latest album, Waitin' for a Train, Portland troubadour Kory Quinn and his band, the Comrades, break forth with a firm, compelling sort of Americana that is at once hauntingly familiar and entirely Quinn's own. The songwriter's voice, both strained and tender, wafts through a soundscape speckled with sparse percussion and hammering harmonica, perfectly suiting somber lullabies such as the placid "In My Mother's Arms" and the raucous "Runaway Train" with equal vigor. Quinn offers timeless country folk infused with a hint of rock, the kind of music that has been listened to for generations and will remain relevant for decades. "

"Beyond that, the details of the Comrades are a mystery, but that's fine, because stark, haunting but brilliantly rendered songs such as "Shoes of the Dead," "You Ain't Coming Back," "Austin" and "Under the Gun" succeed because of their dark and twisted layers and the many lingering questions of that vaunted "old, weird America."" -Jim DeRogatis, Sound Opinions and The Chicago Sun-Times

"Train-Hoppin, Foot-Stompin', Hobo-Blues" --Rob Stroup, Eight-Ball Studios, Portland, OR

"Kory Quinn is a writer of personal experience and a singer of cross-country adventure, frequently woven into a prayer rug of justice. With a hobo twang as sharp as a 9-ball break, Kory Quinn effectively transposes the eternal troubadours like Woody Guthrie, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, and Bob Dylan into Two-Thousand-and-Ten. Since April, 2010 Kory Quinn has self-released one EP, "The Drifter" and one Album, "Bound for Glory" through his record label Ma and Pa Records and with the help of Rob Stroup of Eight-Ball Studios. He is set to self-release his second album on October 31st "Shoes of The Dead". There is also in the works a third Album "State of The Union" to be released in January. Kory is also co-founder of the Portland Field Recording Project. --Matt Kalinowski, Noctilucent PR


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