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What Kory says about his guests tonight:

"As is probably the norm I had heard of Lewi Longmire long before I ever met him. I was directed to drop off a demo at The Laurelthirst Public House with the hope of being able to book a show there. Lewi is the Guru of that wonderful community over there. He has, it seems, to have adopted me and my music into the fold by being very gracious to accept my offers to share bills. Most notably my EP Release (Angels and Outlaws) and The Bob Dylan Birthday Bash I curated this past spring. His music is one that touches close to home for me. Wrought out of distant desert scenes of deserted highways his music is one which holds the long view close to heart. With touches of Folk, Country, Rock, and Psycadelia Lewi Longmire's accute journeyman attitude reflected in the songs goes to show that even though that jam maybe be improvised it was planned that way, as if in the motto "order on the verge of chaos".

It must have been close to 7 years ago I first saw Paleo play a house concert in Indianapolis while I was attending College. Shortly there after I was intrigued by his constant touring and awed by his persistent writing. What most impressed me was his now famous "A Song A Day for A Year" Project. Since then though I have lost touch with him and his music but at the time of my artistic budding he was the model I wished to structure myself by. When I was afforded the opportunity by our mutual friend Ryan Huntington to be introduced and play a show together I jumped at the chance.

I first met Jay Cobb Anderson one cold, rainy, winter evening in the year of '09 at an Open Mic he was hosting at The End of The Universe.

He was the spiritual leader of that great and wonderful community there. It was not very long before he was sitting in with me, learning my songs, and gigging around town with me. Jay's main project is Fruition, a folky blend of soulgrass. They tour constantly up and down the West Coast and even make forays into the midlands of Colorado every once in a while. Jay is a songwriter's songwriter. He has shown me the ability of a songwriter to find inspiration in the smallest of things can have the greatest amount of impact. In that way I feel I have been able to hone my writing as well as focus my strengths as a musician."

About Kory Quinn


I suppose if one could pinpoint exactly what it is that separates good folk and roots-based music from mediocre schlock, everyone would be getting it right. Obviously, not everyone does-but Portland-by-way-of-Indianapolis singer/songwriter Kory Quinn is one of those whose music not only upholds well-worn traditions but also sounds fresh in the process. It might be a case of believability: Quinn's latest nine-song collection, Waitin' for a Train, carries on the tradition of wandering troubadours and train-hopping drifters, and if that's a romantic notion (it's not entirely fabricated-Quinn recently took a trip across the US by train, although it was funded by Kickstarter, so one presumes he wasn't hopping from boxcar to boxcar), it's one that Quinn imbues with authenticity. In a crowded field of local roots musicians, Quinn stands out as one who's got his bead aimed precisely at the truth.

"[VAGABOND AMERICANA] With his latest album, Waitin' for a Train, Portland troubadour Kory Quinn and his band, the Comrades, break forth with a firm, compelling sort of Americana that is at once hauntingly familiar and entirely Quinn's own. The songwriter's voice, both strained and tender, wafts through a soundscape speckled with sparse percussion and hammering harmonica, perfectly suiting somber lullabies such as the placid "In My Mother's Arms" and the raucous "Runaway Train" with equal vigor. Quinn offers timeless country folk infused with a hint of rock, the kind of music that has been listened to for generations and will remain relevant for decades. "

"Beyond that, the details of the Comrades are a mystery, but that's fine, because stark, haunting but brilliantly rendered songs such as "Shoes of the Dead," "You Ain't Coming Back," "Austin" and "Under the Gun" succeed because of their dark and twisted layers and the many lingering questions of that vaunted "old, weird America."" -Jim DeRogatis, Sound Opinions and The Chicago Sun-Times

"Train-Hoppin, Foot-Stompin', Hobo-Blues" --Rob Stroup, Eight-Ball Studios, Portland, OR

"Kory Quinn is a writer of personal experience and a singer of cross-country adventure, frequently woven into a prayer rug of justice. With a hobo twang as sharp as a 9-ball break, Kory Quinn effectively transposes the eternal troubadours like Woody Guthrie, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, and Bob Dylan into Two-Thousand-and-Ten. Since April, 2010 Kory Quinn has self-released one EP, "The Drifter" and one Album, "Bound for Glory" through his record label Ma and Pa Records and with the help of Rob Stroup of Eight-Ball Studios. He is set to self-release his second album on October 31st "Shoes of The Dead". There is also in the works a third Album "State of The Union" to be released in January. Kory is also co-founder of the Portland Field Recording Project. --Matt Kalinowski, Noctilucent PR


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