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About Casey Shea


Florida native, Casey Shea, grew up tuned into classic rock radio. While his friends were head banging along to the grunge bands of the 90s, Shea found solace in Brian Wilson's, "I Just Wasn't Made For These Times."

After fronting numerous rock bands in Tallahassee and Nashville, Casey moved north in 2004 where he established himself as a New York City staple. A gifted performer with undeniable charm, he is known for engaging his audience and filling the stage with a charismatic performance both as a solo act and as a frontman of his five-piece rock outfit. He is at once quirky and heart wrenching, and the result is a rare treat that is both musically gratifying and raucously entertaining.

Shea's third full-length effort, In Your Head, is a deliberately cleaner, harder edged version of what his fans have come to expect: irresistible hooks, airtight melodies, and masterfully crafted, heartfelt lyrics. In Your Head is the result of a year dedicated to honing a cohesive, genuine rock n' roll sound, and the final product is a mix of classic and modern rock calling to mind Tom Petty, Kings of Leon, and The Beatles. A self-proclaimed explorer of genres, he effortlessly moves through time periods and styles, all the while staying true to his own unique songwriting voice.

In addition to his city success, Casey has toured around the country and across the pond, opening for much buzzed about fan favorites including Wakey!Wakey!, Tally Hall, and Jukebox the Ghost. His work, both recorded and live, has been reviewed by NME, MTV, CMJ, and The New York Times, and his songs have set the scene in episodes of One Tree Hill, Necessary Roughness, MADE, Friends With Benefits, The Gates, and the independent documentary Mr. Rogers & Me. This year, Shea's music videos for the introspective "Let It Slide" and the pounding "In Your Head" debuted on Relix and NME respectively.

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