The Shaman amd Ayahuasca [2010]

Sacred Journeys Film Festival

  • 5 p.m. |
  • $5 per film; $10 festival pass |
  • Minor with parent or guardian
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About The Shaman amd Ayahuasca [2010]


As interest grows in the psychoactive visionary brew Ayahuasca (the Mother of all 'teacher plants') so does the question of how to explain this mysterious phenomenon to the uninitiated seeker. Filmmaker Michael Wiese's latest documentary, meets this challenge with remarkable grace. In mind-bending portraits of jaguar-skinned shamans enshrouded by seeing-eye vines, the spiritual alchemy between man and nature that takes place in the ayahuasca realms is magically revealed. Enchanting interactions in Peru with curandero Don Jose Campos and visionary artist Pablo Amaringo, recorded only months before his untimely death, are among the film's brightest highlights. A deeply introspective story of healing and discovery.


About Sacred Journeys Film Festival


Michael Wiese

Michael Wiese is an American director, producer, and author. Over the last five years, Michael has been making these very personal sacred journey films in intimate settings in Tibet, Peru and Bali.


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