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About Redwood Son


Whether or not the name and music of Redwood Son has yet hit the big radar, this year's "Best New Artist" of the Portland Music Awards is on the rise. Their 20 Song double-disc debut, The Lion's Inside, boasts a dynamic versatility that crosses the borders of their West Coast Americana with hook-laden roots-rock and, while maintaining an authentic Universal "Pop" vibe.

Led by singer-songwriter Josh Malm, Redwood Son's long anticipated release of The Lion's Inside signifies a culmination of Malm's tireless persistence as a performer and live music presenter throughout the Pacific Northwest since 2005. Though making an initial mark under his previous moniker J*Malem, he birthed the concept of Redwood Son in 2009 searching for an honest sound representative of his childhood in the California Redwoods. The first incarnation of the band was making way towards this very album while establishing a local presence when an unexpected catastrophe struck. On November 4th, 2009 Redwood Son's original drummer and Malm's long-time friend Kipp Crawford was killed in a tragic event that remains partly unsolved. Though Redwood Son experienced a state of dismantle with uncertain destiny, Malm did not lose sight of their shared vision alongside the standing support of the group's original guitarist Chance Hayden. The project was resurrected in the spring of 2010 to nobly move forward, recording The Lion's Inside in Crawford's honor along with an unreleased dedication track titled "Because of You".

The rawness of Redwood Son's beginning is nostalgically captured on Disc One: Summer of '77, focused on the band's sound as a unit along with guest instrumentalists who compliment Malm's friendly lead vocals. Known for bringing the right guys together, trusty engineer Rob Stroup fostered Malm's connection to the authentic sounds of roots-rock and alt. country. The disc was then mixed with a warm analog approach by Rian Lewis, bringing the presence of a laid-back summer day to the ears. Less than a mile away, Disc Two: New Beautiful Day was recorded and produced simultaneously by Dean Kattari to beckon the band's mainstream viability. Here the band's core shows an even greater expansiveness shouldering a more lyrically focused sound, with guest vocals on nine of the ten tracks from singers including Gretchen Mitchell and Ray Frazier. Though the two discs stand tall individually, together they represent a full circle of Malm's musical journey thus far. His thoughfully told stories are the focal point throughout, binding his many musical influences into Redwood Son's distinctive brand of West Coast Americana.

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About Brianne Kathleen


Born and raised amidst the evergreen forests of Oregon, Brianne is excited to be moving into the second phase of her music career with the release of her sophomore EP "How the Rain Goes" out Spring 2013. Inspired by her life and travels from Portland Oregon to Asheville North Carolina, Brianne emphasizes that you can never guess How the Rain Goes but to be ready for an adventure you didn't expect.

"I'm so excited to be moving forward with my music into a more orchestral Rock sound. I still have my folk-inspired side, but this time I'm doing things I've never done before!" - Brianne Kathleen, December, 2012.

About Bradley Wik


Bradley Wik has played everywhere: East to West, North to South, from the Country to the City, from Wisconsin to Brooklyn, from Seattle's The Rainbow to the Village's Cafe Wha?, basements and bars and finally settled for a while in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. His ramblin' didn't end there as he now resides in Portland, Oregon where he has helped put together Bradley Wik and The Charlatans with Sasha Shybut on bass, Brian Bergstrom on lead guitar and Nick Kostenborder on drums. They play rock 'n' roll reminiscent of The Boss and newer artists like Wilco and the Hold Steady. They are currently working on their first full length album due out in January entitled Burn What You Can, Bury The Rest...


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Every Saturday night at Al's Den, we'll have generous samples of a McMenamins beer, wine, and spirits plus a live interview with the band.

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