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Denim Wedding

  • 9:30 p.m. |
  • $8 advance, $8 day of show |
  • 21 and over
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About Glassbones


Glassbones is an alternative/indie/rock band with elements of grunge and punk hailing from Portland, Oregon. The band's first release was a demo consisting of three songs, "Rosales," "Lament" and "Back Home." The songs are simple in structure yet filled with emotion, soul and heart-wrenching lyrics.

"The sounds of Glassbones are reminiscent of some of the great grunge rock that emerged in the '90s and early 2000s. The classic rock sound is amplified by a strong, gravelly lead vocal and elements of classic folk."--Kelly Montgomery @

Glassbones has graced the stages all over Portland at venues such as The Doug Fir, Berbati's Pan, Rock Bottom, Pioneer Square, The Tiger Bar, Club 915, The Goodfoot and other local venues. Glassbones's music has continued to evolve since the formation of the band in early 2010 and an EP entitled There's Still Time Left is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2011. In the meantime, the 2010 Glassbones demo is available for download on iTunes.


About Bevelers


Bevelers are Adria Ivanitsky (Salem, OR), and Lee Aulson (Peabody, MA). The indie folk musical duo started in November 2011 following the release of their first demo.

Lee is an art school grad from Mass College of Art + Design 11' and a previous Mile Post 5 resident. During her college time she explored drawing, performance art, event production and art education. She has done past Boston shows at the Middle East with, Rachael Cantu (LA) 06', NHIA w/ Via Audio, Arms and Legs 06', Lily Pad w/ Coyote Kolb 10'.

Adria started her musical footing in school choir and beside her talented mother, Dora. She has fanned out her experiences in various instruments including harp, guitar & piano[at age 4] among many others.

Adria and Lee got started as co-workers at Vivace Coffee Shop where they made crepes and served coffee.

Bevelers currently reside in Portland and are collaborating with numerous artist and developing their harmonious sound. Currently Bevelers are working with musician/sound engineer Johnny Keener for backups on his new album at Sidecar Studios.

Bevelers are set to release an album in mid-Summer/early-Fall 2012. They have also been review by Galen Pepys saying,

"Ivanitsky and Aulson are two willow wisps that might evaporate into dying light if we sneeze, so we sat cross-legged as Bevelers transcended heartache into sleepy kisses in the morning." -Galen Pepys

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