Brothers Young

City Squirrel

  • 8:30 p.m. |
  • Free |
  • 21 and over

About Pheasant


From its roots in lead singer Matt Jenkins' lone guitar to the dynamic 5-piece combo they are now, Pheasant has always been about the songs. Through their early lineup changes, the songs have remained as the beating core-have expanded and evolved into the tightly-orchestrated folk/pop tunes they are now. With the latest addition of trumpets and keys, Pheasant is ready to make you explore the junction where Bob Dylan and Isaac Brock met, where you find yourself wearing your father's jacket, where sincerity is the least ironic thing. But don't be surprised if you feel the need to dance too. Pheasant is simple and alive, is raw but refined, is rock but not without the soul.

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About Brothers Young


The Brothers Young is a band which features three actual brothers, actually named “Young.” The group, formed by Dustin, Michael and Dillon, with the encouragement of their elder brother Ritchie Young (frontman of transcendental chamber-folk combo Loch Lomond), brings a darker timbre than Ritchie’s haunting falsetto. Like three Cains to Ritchie’s Abel, the Brothers often sing in a baritone unison, of world-weariness, caution and betrayal—sometimes bursting into open-ended Gregorian harmonies. Supported by the drumming of Levi Cecil, the guitar-playing of Trevino Brings Plenty, and Travis Girton on bass, this Portland band has spent the last three years crafting deceptively simple songs layered with vocal-rich melodies. Friendly Guest E.P. is their latest release from the group.

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