Limited-Edition Beer Tasting: The Royal Ruby of McMenamin

  • 6 p.m. ’til 8 p.m. |
  • Free admission; limited edition beer at happy hour pricing |
  • 21 & over to drink

The Royal Ruby of McMenamin
In November of 1885, a travesty befell the people of Myanmar. The British were colonizing Myanmar and the King and Queen of Myanmar were taken to India. A British soldier, Col. Sladen, during this transfer tricked the Myanmar Royalty into trusting him with theroyal treasures, among them one of the most famous treasures of the Myanmarpeople, the Padamyar Ngamauk. The Padamyar Ngamauk, or Royal Ruby of Myanmar has never been seen since. Now nearly 127 years later, the Crystal Brewers have prepared an inspired treasure for the people of McMenamin. The Royal Ruby, an Imperial version of our coveted flagship Ruby ale, truly a treasure for your taste buds. A royal pink ruby color, with a creamy white head and lush aromas of sweet raspberries make this a delight for all your senses. An intense Raspberry flavor, with a subtle malt backbone and delightful champagne-like effervescence is sure to please our Ruby loving masses. We have increased the depth and flavor of one of our most coveted ales to bring you a special treat to mark the 26th Anniversary of this McMenamin classic. 100% premium 2-row malt, with a kiss of hops and a hefty dose of fresh Oregon Raspberries, makes this a jewel to crown the palates of royalty.

Malts: Great Western Premium 2-row Malt
Hops: Chinook
Adjuncts: Oregon Raspberries
Original Gravity: 1.067
Terminal Gravity: 1.010
Alcohol by Volume: 7.35%
IBU's: 9
SRM: 4.7

About Limited-Edition Beer Tasting: The Royal Ruby of McMenamin


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