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Curly's Firkin Limited-Edition Beer Tasting: Dr. Nebulous Oatmeal Stout

  • Old St. Francis School - O'Kanes |
  • Wednesday, December 26, 2012
  • 5 p.m. 'til beer is gone |
  • Limited-edition beer at happy hour pricing all night |
  • All ages welcome

About Curly's Firkin Limited-Edition Beer Tasting: Dr. Nebulous Oatmeal Stout


Join us once a month as Mike 'Curly' White unveils another of his firkin handcrafted ales.

Talk to the brewers, ask beery questions, enjoy happy hour pricing all night long on these limited-edition pints and more.

And when the beer is gone, it's gone.

Dr. Nebulous Oatmeal Stout - The Doctor is in at the OSF Brewery. A dark and smooth concoction is the latest development to put into the firkin keg. Tones of roasted malt pack a punch of bold flavors that the good doctor has prescribed. Letting it condition in Curly's famous firkin results in a low carbonated beer and a smooth and easy drinking ale. Full flavors throw themselves around your tongue and warm your soul on these cold winter evenings. Dr. Nebulous recommends to only take two - otherwise, you'll have to call him in the morning.

Malts: GWM Pale, Briess Aromatic, Rolled Oats, Franco Belges CaraMunich 40, Baird's Crystal 70/80, GWM Crystal 120, Baird's Black & Baird's Roast
Hops: Nugget and Sterling
OG: 1.072   TG: 1.021   ABV: 6.6   IBU: 28  SRM: 35

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