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Can You Guess Which McMenamins This Is...?

Think you're pretty good at identifying McMenamins properties? Can you guess which ones these photos and images represent? Answers given below - no cheating, now...

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5:

Photo #1: Kennedy School
This is Scott Avett, of the Avett Brothers, hanging out in their room at the Kennedy School. The Avetts came through on the Great NW Music Tour in 2007, during which time they blew the roof off our joints each night. The band went on to perform at Pickathon, Madison Square Garden, on Late Show with David Letterman, Saturday Night Live and many other shows and in venues across the globe. They'll play Edgefield Concerts on the Lawn this July 21 & 22. (Photo credit: Jeremy Okai Davis) 

Photo #2: Barley Mill
It's true - legendary American blues guitarist and singer Robert Cray once played what is today's Barley Mill Pub. He also played the White Eagle in the ‘70s, but the Eagle was never the Rooster, as referenced here. And off we go, down the rabbit hole: Cray and fellow Portland bluesman Curtis Salgado happened to be in Eugene for their regular Blues Monday gig during the filming of Animal House; Cray ended up as the bassist in the film's iconic frat-house party band Otis Day & The Knights. But it was Salgado who made the biggest impression on actor John Belushi, who later dedicated the first Blues Brothers album to him. It is well-known that Belushi literally copied Salgado's entire act, even down to the Ray-Bans and between-songs banter. Recalled Salgado, "Sure, I was bitter. It's like they say: an amateur imitates, a professional steals. Belushi was a pro... On the other hand, I'm still around making music. And Belushi -- where is he?" (Excerpted from Pacific NW magazine)

Photo #3: Crystal Ballroom
The Crystal Ballroom's two chandeliers (one of which is pictured here) were once part of a set of three, made sometime between 1930 and 1950, in Murano, Italy, the glass-making capital of the world. They are fine examples of millifleury (French for "a thousand flowers") style typical of Murano glass. Each chandelier weighs approximately 300 pounds and is nine feet tall. In 1968, the Washington Mutual Bank purchased the set for its Seattle building. They were shipped out of Italy to the Northwest, but remained in their crates for eight years! The bank finally installed them in 1976, amidst the country's bicentennial celebration. When the chandeliers were removed from the bank in the early '90s, Portland Antiques purchased all three. Mike McMenamin was awestruck when he saw them -- they conveyed a mood of Classic Italianate culture crossed with Haight-Ashbury psychedelia, perfect for the Crystal. Two were hung in the ballroom, while the third hangs at McMenamins Highland Pub & Brewery in Gresham, OR.

Photo #4: Anderson School
This is the "before" shot of the North Shore Lagoon at Anderson School. Not only did gold-medal Olympians Tracie Ruiz and Candy Costie train here in the 1980s, so did our very own GM Raif Moon (and though, not an Olympian, Raif is our swim hero).

Photo #5: Kennedy School
"The $64,000 Question" was an American game show broadcast from 1955 to 1958. The show beat every other program on Tuesday nights in ratings -- even President Dwight D. Eisenhower himself did not want to be disturbed while the show was on. These are some Kennedy School students re-enacting the popular show for a school presentation.  

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