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Photo Trivia...

Hello from the History Department.

Think you're a McMenamins' history buff? Try this test.

Below are five photos, each of which depicts or has a connection/tie-in with a different one of our 55+ locations. See if you can figure out which property is being referred to below – the answers and explanations are provided at the bottom. Don't peek without giving it the ol' college try!

Off you go, into the distant reaches...

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

Photo #4

Photo #5


#1: Tavern & Pool (Portland, Ore.)
In this photo, the Red Sox's Big Papi greets the legendary Johnny Pesky (1919-2012), who played second, short and third for the Sox from the early '40s to early 50's. Today, Johnny is remembered with Pesky's Pole, the right field foul pole at Fenway Park. Johnny grew up in NW Portland's Slabtown neighborhood, along with his brother Vince, and it was their buddy's uncle who ran the Tavern & Pool. Vince frequented our pub regularly until very recently; he loved a good Terminator Shake. Vince, by the way, was drafted by the Yankees, but never played.

#2: Six Arms (Seattle, Wa.)
In November 1999, the World Trade Organization conference inspired one of the largest political protests ever seen in Seattle. Protesters focused on issues including workers' rights, sustainable economies, and environmental and social issues. When downtown streets and intersections could not be cleared and after businesses were vandalized, the mayor of Seattle declared a civil emergency. Our Six Arms pub, while not vandalized, closed early due to tear gas coming inside the building.

#3: Grand Lodge (Forest Grove, Ore.)
These are three of the orphans who lived at the Children's Cottage for a short time between 1926 and 1928. The building was completed in November 1926. But by 1927, it was determined that the orphanage should be closed because relations between old and young were less than harmonious. The kids were relocated to outside families.

#4: Back Stage Bar (Portland, Ore.)
This now-defunct punk nightclub stood on Killingsworth not far from the Chapel Pub. Its juke box featured bands like Bauhaus, Black Flag, the Circle Jerks and The Ramones. When the bar was closed, its junky neon sign above was refurbished and now glows brightly at the Back Stage.

#5: Roseburg Pub (Roseburg, Ore.)
On August 7, 1959, a Pacific Powder Company truck loaded with 2 tons of dynamite and 4.5 tons of nitro carbo nitrate was parked in downtown Roseburg while its driver checked into a local hotel. During the night, a nearby building caught fire. Within minutes, firemen arrived to put out the blaze - but unfortunately, the explosive-laden truck remained unnoticed until just moments before it blew up. The explosion and the ensuing fire destroyed all of the buildings within an 8-block area and did heavy damage to structures throughout the surrounding 30 blocks. Fourteen people were killed and another 125 injured. The damages to the city were estimated to be between $10,000,000 and $12,000,000. The blast blew a crater in the ground approximately 52 feet wide and 20 feet deep. Remarkably, the train station that now houses our pub was undamaged.

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Our goal is to keep the past in the present, to celebrate and connect us all with the people and events that have helped define each McMenamins property. To that end, we research, interview and compile materials to identify and commemorate our properties and their surroundings.

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