Eat & Drink

What started out as a simple plan to open a bar has, over the years, bloomed, blossomed, spun and spiraled into something bigger. While you can always grab a pint of ale and a burger with friends and family at your neighborhood McMenamins, you can also enjoy a cup of joe, try a spirit on the rocks or uncork a bottle of wine with us. Cheers, friends.


Pubs & Restaurants
Places for friends & family...

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23rd Avenue Bottle Shop
Featuring 800 bottles for your choosing.

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57,600+ batches and counting!

Breweries Home


Coffee Roasters
Roasting beans from small-farm growers to produce the best cup of coffee.
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Heavenly spirits of the highest order.

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Edgefield Winery
Producing more than 25,000 cases of wine annually and hard cider, too!

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