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The Alphabeticians

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About The Alphabeticians

The Alphabeticians, Mister Hoo and Mister E, have been best friends since their salad days in the mid 80s. They formed The Alphabeticians after they both became fathers, heard some of the music that was promoted as "Kid's" music and thought, "We can do better than that." They combine humor, clever songs, interactive elements and an all around great stage show to entertain people of all ages. Adults have as much fun as kids at a typical show. They have been performing as The Alphabeticians since 2009, but they have an estimated 47 years of combined experience playing and performing music, and have performed more than 470 shows.

Mister E (Eric Levine) will be 47 in one year, but his love of the alphabet can be traced back to his early kindergarten finger-paintings, formerly displayed in the Frigidaire wing of the Levine Museum. A high school English teacher by day, Mister E's rock and roll legacy includes Portland 90's sensation The Willies, as well as Fuzzball, Danny and the Originals, and the apocryphal Dry Water (Sand).

Mister Hoo (Jeff Inlay) is just just shy of 47 and, though familiar with the alphabet since childhood, has only grown to love it in recent years. A father of 2 and resident of Oregon City, he has been in more bands than he can count (although he claims he can only count to 3), but is most well known for playing in Portland 90's sensation Hummingfish, and is least well known for his time in Southern California punk band the Mendicant Sauciers. He's also confident he was not in Led Zeppelin. Mr. E and Mr. Hoo were also featured in The Fundada Five, Lump of Food and The _ Experience.


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