Hopfest Roadhouse Beer Invitational


Hop Lobster Red

Vulcan Black IPA

Hop Island ISA

Special Beer Tasting

  • 6 p.m. 'til 9 p.m. |
  • Free admission; Limited-edition beer available 'til it's gone! |
  • All ages welcome; must be 21 to drink

About Hopfest Roadhouse Beer Invitational


Join us to sample small-batch beer from McMenamins Cornelius Pass, Thompson, Vancouver on the Columbia, and Old St. Francis breweries.

Spicy bratwurst with hopped mustard available for pairing, plus full menu avaialable at CPR Imbrie Hall.

Cornelius Pass Roadhouse Brewery

Brewers Chris Oslin
& Brady Romtvedt

A bee sting is never enjoyable but a Stingerhead surely is. While designing this recipe we thought of bees, honey, and the pollination of hops. Hops are the showcase so we “dry-hopped” kegs with a generous amount of fresh, local hops that will be revealed the day of the competition. For extra hop flavor and aroma we added Centennial-Type hop pellets to the fermenter to ensure the job is complete. Get buzzing with a Stingerhead!

Malts: Golden Promise, Flaked Barley, Honey Malt
Centennial, Citra

OG: 1.052   TG: 1.009   ABV: 5.55%   IBU: 7   SRM: 36

Buzz words: Fresh hopped, Honeyed, Heavenly

Hop Lobster Red
McMenamins on the Columbia Brewery
Brewers Tega Chijavadze
& Matt Freeland

It's not a whale. It's not a dolphin. And not just a lobster, but a hop lobster, red and proud, and ready to rock! It has a sweet, full body and a pleasant smoothness due to generous amounts of red wheat. Smooth on front of the palate, it finishes with a hint of roast and chocolate flavors, balanced with a spicy kick of Chinook hops and Brewer's Gold. Enjoy and rock on! 

Malts: Two-Row, Red Wheat, Amber Malt, C-75 and Chocolate
  Cascade, Centennial, Chinook and Brewer's Gold

OG: 1.066   TG: 1.013   ABV: 6.8%  IBU: 82   SRM: 16

Buzz words: Hoppy, Full Body, Spicy

Vulcan Black IPA
Thompson Brewery
Brewer Jen Kent

Space: the final frontier.  What better way to travel the galaxy than with a pint of Vulcan Black IPA in hand as you command the Beership Enterprise! Your ale is as dark as the galaxies you voyage and your hop profile is as adventurous as transporting to the surface of a new planet! Raise a pint for the forever traveler of our worlds and may you live long and prosper!

Malts: Baird's Pale, Flaked Barley, C-15, Midnight Wheat and Black Prinz
Hops: Nugget, Sterling, Amarillo and Falconers Flight

OG: 1.065   TG: 1.014   ABV: 6.58%   SRM: 38   IBU: 90+

Buzz Words: Black, Hoppy, Transporting

Hop Island ISA
Old St. Francis School Brewery
Brewers Mike “Curly” White
& Kevin Connell

Whether it is the middle of Summer or the dead of Winter a sip of the Hop Island will make you feel as if you are on a tropical island! Hop citrus and tropical fruit flavors dominate the first flavors of this beer. A light and mellow body allows all the hop goodness to reside on your palate. This easy drinking session style ale allows your days to be long and enjoyable! Dry hopped for an even bigger hop pleasure, be sure to have your hammock ready to sip on this tasty beverage!  Just as if you were on an island surrounded by all that makes you hoppy!

Malts: TF&Sons Golden Promise, GWM Pilsen, Gambrinus Pilsen and Franco Belges CaraVienna 20L
Hops: Nugget, Centennial, Amarillo, Mosaic, Santiam and Crystal

OG: 1.046   TG: 1.008   ABV: 4.9   IBU: 57   SRM: 4

Buzz words: Fruity, Mellow and Island Fun!!


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