Matt Brown

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  • 21 and over

About Matt Brown

Though his music career only began in 2007 after graduating College, Matt Brown's passion for music began long ago as a child growing up in the small town Washougal.  It started with banging his head to rhythms against the car seat and matching melodies he heard playing from the old cassettes his dad used to play.  As he grew older, he sang in secret, almost embarrassed to share his passion, and it remained a hobby throughout his youth. While attending Seattle University, Matt bought a guitar to pick up as a hobby.  He soon fell in love not only with the guitar, but accompanying his voice with it as well.  His classmates urged him to play a few open- mic nights on campus and soon Brown became inspired to write songs and continue to grow his skills as a guitar player and songwriter.  He scurried to form a band to compete in the 2007 Seattle University's Battle of the Bands.   After winning the competition, he felt a calling to follow his passion for making music.  After graduating college with a finance degree, he moved back home to the Portland area to pursue music in his band Ruby Hill.   Ruby Hill released two successful albums, received local radio play, and played some of Portland's best venues.  Matt has long felt the urge to make a solo album and promote the album locally and nationally. 'Finish Lines' is the result of this ambition.  The album is warm and intimate, intertwined with blues and soul.  The Album will be released this June.

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