Saturday, May 27, 2023

No Pants Records present

Matt Danger

Brian Ward

Valley Frost

Bruce and Marcus

6:30 pm doors & show

$10 advance, $10 at the doors
Limited Seating, first come first serve.
Expect standing room.

21 and over

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No Pants Records present

No Pants Records present

A night of acoustic amusement at Al's Den with No Pants Records Friday, May 27, 2023

Matt Danger
Brian Ward
Valley Frost
Bruce & Marcus

Who We Are: We are social media shooting, spreadsheet toting gunslingers of the Wild West Music Land. We are creators and producers. We are writers, musicians, marketers, researchers, printers, editors, photographers, motorcyclists, skiers, rock climbers, mechanics, carpenters, adventurers, cooks, bartenders and much more. You name it, we've probably done it. If we can't help you, we will certainly find someone who can.

What We Do: Basically we're your own personal Rube Goldberg machine. We use our extensive network of trusted and established vendors, from engineers to screen-printers, to create a product that is stylistically compatible, high quality and within your budget. We manage costs, do the legwork and the paperwork, coordinate and mediate between all parties, champion your ideas and values, handle emergencies, and anything else we can to get you out of the accountant's office and doing what you do best, creating and performing.

What We Don't Do: We are not your babysitters, parents, psychotherapists, or parole officers. We're here to help you be the best and most successful creator you can be. We will not bail you out of jail, solve band fights, clean up after you, break up with or lie to your significant other for you. Don't even ask.

Why We Do It: Money! Okay, that's not really why we do it (see below.) But we do offer a service and we do expect to get paid (as should you), so now seems as good of a time as any to discuss it. The bad news is: we skim off the top. The good news is: how we make our money, how much we make and how it affects you will always be completely accessible and agreed upon in advance. You will never be blindsided by a bill or a cost. We make it easy to understand and easy to navigate. We try to be as open, upfront and honest about it as possible. We use a percentage system based on gross revenue and flat rates. The percentages never change, whether you make a lot or a little. So we're motivated to make you as big of a success as we can while keeping in mind our own core values and the No Pants reputation.

Why we really do it: We could tell you that we just love art, but that isn't enough. We could tell you that there's a whole lot wrong with the entertainment industry, but you knew that. So we'll just say that in our own creative adventures, we found that innovation and a focus on quality were values we not only wanted to champion ourselves but help others create as well.



No Pants Records:

Matt Danger

Fiery, jovial punk rock

Matt Danger

Growing excrementally from the tombs of punkrock, Matt Danger (pronounced "Matt Damon") further legionnaires to lambaste his audience with scintillating moisture and clammy grasps to open his hearty melodies from the prime and sub-cockled areas of his heart that are firmly chained to the pacific northwest Gorge in effort to prolong the philandering and premature band he started back in 2006 called Ninjas With Syringes. But that wasn't enough words to satiate the biography....

In an effort to further procrastinate going on tour once more perhaps due to prolonged delays of his album releases far out of his control, and being a certified drum-skank for a myriad of adjoining punk bands on and off his small, incrementally plodding label, No Pants Records, Matty D has further entrenched himself in the raw stink filled glory of Portland's macabre frivolity found deep within the sedimentary layers of grit inspired austerity to produce at you some music that in his opinion "doesn't suck too bad!"

Occasionally bewildering and surprising audiences with a version of success that could only be described as mediocre while onlookers delightfully and involuntarily spit out their teas, coffee, and rich dark winter ales as their monocles joyfully fly off into their duck and lentil based soups, splattering on all to see, Matt cuts his way through Portland's nonstop blender of boilerplate mid-grade hippie rock slop to dance, sing, and pander his way through an all original set of bootstrap raising depravity that promises only two things: A good time, and that you will get laid in the next 6-8 business weeks! (Non-refundable and non-guaranteed) Plus he's got a great ass. So he's got that going for him, which is nice and all- But is that, his songs and his remarks between them enough to distract you from your phone for 30 minutes? YOU DECIDE.

Brian Ward

Brian Ward

Brian Ward is a multi-instrumentalist, cutting his teeth in the venues of Portland, OR over the last 20 years as the Drummer of Secnd Best. Recently, Brian has also joined the ranks of Ninjas with Syringes, bringing his skills to an already established band. Brian began writing music and realized that it wasn't quite in the style of his punk rock roots. He took some time to begin recording and playing to support his solo endeavor, while somehow finding time to stay committed to his other projects, families and various hobbies. With a focus on internal reflection and external observation, Brian's lyrics oscillate between raw emotive expression and, what he hopes will be accepted as, an intelligent narrative of the world around him.

Bruce and Marcus

Bruce and Marcus


About Al's Den

Head downstairs at the Crystal Hotel to hang out in this venue named for Al Winter, Portland's 1940's gambling overlord. Enjoy a craft libation in this intimate, speakeasy-style space where live music and comedy fill the air.

Wednesday & Thursday, 3 pm – 10 pm
Friday & Saturday, 3 pm – 1 am
Sunday, 3 pm - 10 pm
Closed Monday & Tuesday
Happy Hour served 2 pm – 5 pm
(21 and over only after 5 pm)


Dinner Bar Beverage

The menu features local ingredients, house-baked breads, desserts and pastries from the Crystal Bakery, a specialty cocktail menu and an affordable yet approachable wine list, while a well-trained waitstaff provides a comfortable and welcoming guest experience. No reservations are necessary; stop by for a quick business lunch, a pre-show drink or an evening date night.

Explore the Crystal Blocks

Our Crystal Hotel and legendary Crystal Ballroom are just across the street from each other, each offering their own unique spaces for live music, Northwest style fare and McMenamins hand crafted beverages.  Explore these properties and all they have to offer. 

*Get 15% off room rates at Crystal Hotel, Sunday through Thursday with a ticket purchase. (Must mention at time of booking, must verify ticket at check in for discount) *restrictions apply. 

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