Saturday, November 19, 2022

The Brothers Jam

Jawbone Flats

8 p.m.

$10 in advance, $10 day of show
Limited Seating, first come first serve.
Expect standing room.

21 and over

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The Brothers Jam

Roots and jam rock

The Brothers Jam

Blending rootsy rock and deep rhythmic grooves, the Brothers Jam takes their audience on a sonic journey every time they hit the stage. Drawing from a songbook that originates with their love of the Grateful Dead in their heyday in the 70's and 80's, to a broad palette that now spans Talking Heads, Phish, Van Morrison, Johnny Cash, Allman Brothers, Joe Henry, Bob Dylan... The Brothers Jam is an American Band with a plan: to entertain audiences and wring beauty from any song that crosses their path.

The Brothers are six individuals who have found common ground in the creation of music that thrives on the deep connections that come from over 20 years of collectively surrendering to the song. Audiences have found community in the Brothers, asking them to play weddings, parties, galas, fund raisers, creative events... anywhere joy is at a premium and love, imagination and good vibes are in the air. They have an unbridled energy, and they seek to never play any song the same way twice. They are the epitome of what a jam band must be to deliver. And deliver they have been doing for over twenty years, and will do so the next time you see them.

Anchored by brothers Jamey and David Hampton, musical messengers together since their teens in the 70's, the Brothers Jam includes original drummer and veteran of bands too numerous to name, Lou Lozada. He is the heartbeat of the band, the fuel in the steam engine, the true north of the collective brotherly compass. Dick Shoemaker stands up to the mic, sax in hand, and conjures up a conglom of the Big Man Clemons, Coltrane and Desmond, with a funky soul all his own. On keys, James Peale brings a loose vibe reminiscent of Nicky Hopkins to the Jam, with a vocal style that would do Pigpen proud. Dave Rosenberg is the soup stock in this gumbo, holding it all together on bass with his Berkeley-trained chops and his singular positive approach... all smiles in the midst of even the deepest jams.

This then is the Brothers Jam: Beauty, fire, passion, freedom, soul. Check it out.



Jawbone Flats

Rock, alt-country & bluegrass

Jawbone Flats

Formed by musicians with a passion for the Northwest outdoors, Jawbone Flats takes its name from the ghost town of the same name nestled deep in the Opal Creek Wilderness of Oregon. Since 2008 JBF has traveled throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Northern California playing an eclectic blend of original and cover songs drawing from the influences of bluegrass, country, alternative country, blues, and rock music led by five alternating lead singers backed by lush harmonies. Interlocking melodies from B-bender Telecaster and acoustic guitars, mandolin, harmonica, and pedal steel guitar are woven into the solid rhythmic fabric of fretless bass and drums to produce a wonderfully entertaining, irresistibly danceable, and downright “flatifying” sound.




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