Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Neil Gregory Johnson

Chris Baron


8 pm

$8 advance, $10 day of show

21 and over

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Neil Gregory Johnson

Enigmatic singer-songwriter

Neil Gregory Johnson

Neil Gregory Johnson is a singer-songwriter from the Northwestern, United States. Raised up from either a pack of wolves or a family of traveling musicians (no one really knows), Johnson has developed a passion for the pick-up gig; The "show up-and-blow doors" mentality; The "where in the hell did this guy come from?!" league; and it has gotten him into the hearts of many who have had the pleasure of watching his performance.

Whether it be folk songs and coffee shops, ambient jazz guitar and fancy restaurants, outlaw country covers and swampy blues at the honky-tonks, or downright dirty rock 'n' roll in the nightclubs; for those familiar with his work, he remains an enigmatic and driving force determined to expand his own brand of singer-songwriter.

Neil Gregory Johnson is set to release his self-titled 5 song E.P. (March of 2018) In hopes of bringing his energetic display of ringing guitar licks, howling vocal lines, and lyrical storytelling to a wider audience.


Chris Baron

Folk with Swagger

Chris Baron

The music he creates is americana freefall folk...X-factor swagger. He travels solo with a kick drum and guitar, or with an accompanist if the timing is right.

All about habits. As of January 2019, a new music video is out.

The songs regard a variety of Life-in-the-USA things, some of import, most with an emphasis on lively and fun. For those happy enough to hear it. The studio sessions are layered, creative, and compellingly self-produced. The live performance, especially solo, is the charm.

In addition to past collaborations with cool bands, there are four solo albums:

Searchlights In Mexico (2008) ;

Light Up The Sky (2014) ;

Relics '16-17 ;

Habits (2019)

The 2019 album focuses on hard-helpin' lyrics from a hard-pickin' troubadour. Portland band the Avett Others has been backing him up at a few local shows. Paul Prato (from iconic Portland band Tin Silver) has been bringing some original jazzy bass as of fall 2018. Chris really likes performing with

Megan and Chris, and The Baron Ward. Contemporary bands he is most excited about:

Punch Brothers. Avett Brothers. Tk & the Holy Know-Nothings. Floater.

Portland songwriter Dan Weber says "...Chris' live show exudes the
wonderment and enthusiasm of an artist drawing an authentic
connection with his audience...feeding off that raw live energy...he
rocks out and storytells the way Wilco and The Avett Brothers have so
successfully done..."

Austin songwriter and family man Jake Riggs declares "...It's not hard
to tell that Baron was born to perform. From the solemn to the goofy,
sentimental to grateful, his mannerisms and charisma effortlessly
transition between the songs and the mood of the room. 'How can
Chris be in all moods at all times?' you have asked many times. It took
thousands of hours of stage time, thousands of gallons of beer and
more heartbreak than the average human can endure. So go see Chris
Baron live. He'll be the long-haired, tall approachable guy holding the
guitar...and chances are he'll be smiling..."





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