Tuesday, August 27, 2019

The High Divers

Yesterday's Youth

8 pm

$10 in advance, $12 day of show

21 and over

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The High Divers

Indie Rock & Roll

The High Divers

"We just wanted to be a kickass, road­ready, rock 'n' roll band", muses
frontman, Luke Mitchell, of South Carolina based rock outfit, The High
Divers; and with 4 years of steady national touring, 2 studio albums, and a
growing fanbase that have come to love their raucous live shows: it would
seem the band is making good on those original plans.
With anthemic choruses, lush 3 part harmonies, and rhythms rooted just as
deeply in Motown as in rock 'n' roll of the past and present, The High
Divers create songs that nod to the classics, while carving out a sonic
space all their own. A fixture of the South Carolina music scene, the band
is known for it's charismatic on­stage swagger and it's ability to get the
crowd completely and unabashedly involved. "Every show we play, I get
people to sing along with us, and it's a beautiful thing, something I look
forward to every night" says Luke Mitchell, of the call and response hidden
within the song "Summertime".
The band is comprised of husband and wife, Luke Mitchell (Guitar/Vocals)
and Mary Alice Mitchell (Keyboards, Vocals), along with Julius DeAngelis
(Drums) and Kevin Early (Bass/Vocals). "We are here today, probably
because Kevin was about 4 and learning to ride a bike in our
neighborhood" says Mitchell, "then ended up hitting my Dad's van". "We
grew up together and have been playing music in various bands since we
were 14" says Early. Each member of the band grew up on Hilton Head
Island, before relocating to Charleston to officially form The High Divers,
where they began immediately recording their debut album, "Riverlust".
The High Divers' Sophomore album, "Chicora" brought the band out on the
road for most of the last year signaling the return of the group after being
sidelined by an auto accident during a tour out west. Released on True
Blue Records, "Chicora" captures the band experimenting with
synthesizers, psychedelic vocals, and pop sensibilities that could bring to
mind the "Rumors" era of Fleetwood Mac. The album features Mary Alice
Mitchell's song, "Side Man" described as "A striking moment on the
album...because of its narrative and the novelty of Mary Alice's vocals,
"Side Man" is Chicora's most affecting song" (Chris Conaton/Popmatters).
The band recently finished recording in Nashville, TN, and are heading into
a busy year of national touring. "Certain bands have a level of chemistry to
them that coats their work in such a way where nothing seems out of place.
This can be a detriment to some, who could benefit from a more
spontaneous, less defined approach, but for others like The High Divers,
that kind of consistency is their key resource." (Max Mclaughlin/New Noise




  1. "We just wanted to be a kickass, road­ready, rock 'n' roll band", muses frontman, Luke Mitchell, of South Carolina based rock outfit, The High Divers; and with 4 years of steady national touring, 2 studio albums, and a growing fanbase that have come to love their raucous live shows: it would seem the band is making good on those original plans.With anthemic choruses, lush 3 part harmonies, and rhythms rooted just asdeeply in Motown as in rock 'n' roll of the past and present, The High Divers create songs that nod to the classics, while carving out a sonic space all their own. A fixture of the South Carolina music scene, the band is known for it's charismatic on­stage swagger and it's ability to get the crowd completely and unabashedly involved. "Every show we play, I get people to sing along with us, and it's a beautiful thing, something I look forward to every night" says Luke Mitchell, of the call and response hidden within the song "Summertime".The band is comprised of husband and wife, Luke Mitchell (Guitar/Vocals) and Mary Alice Mitchell (Keyboards, Vocals), along with Julius DeAngelis (Drums) and Kevin Early (Bass/Vocals). "We are here today, probably because Kevin was about 4 and learning to ride a bike in our neighborhood" says Mitchell, "then ended up hitting my Dad's van". "We grew up together and have been playing music in various bands since we were 14" says Early. Each member of the band grew up on Hilton Head Island, before relocating to Charleston to officially form The High Divers, where they began immediately recording their debut album, "Riverlust".The High Divers' Sophomore album, "Chicora" brought the band out on the road for most of the last year signaling the return of the group after being sidelined by an auto accident during a tour out west. Released on True Blue Records, "Chicora" captures the band experimenting with synthesizers, psychedelic vocals, and pop sensibilities that could bring to mind the "Rumors" era of Fleetwood Mac. The album features Mary Alice Mitchell's song, "Side Man" described as "A striking moment on the album...because of its narrative and the novelty of Mary Alice's vocals, "Side Man" is Chicora's most affecting song" (Chris Conaton/Popmatters).The band recently finished recording in Nashville, TN, and are heading into 
  2. a busy year of national touring. "Certain bands have a level of chemistry to them that coats their work in such a way where nothing seems out of place.This can be a detriment to some, who could benefit from a more spontaneous, less defined approach, but for others like The High Divers, that kind of consistency is their key resource." (Max Mclaughlin/New Noise Magazine). 









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