The McMenamins App - what's new?

We are continually updating and improving our McMenamins App, so read through to discover the latest changes.  

  • Have you started your second Passport? Maybe your third? Now you can clear out all of your stamps in the Passport Tracker so that you can begin tracking your next journey. Simply go to your Profile from the left navigation menu and select the "Clear All Stamps" button. Now you're ready to go! 
  • We pushed out a new update to the App that fixes the problems with the latest Android 7 update. Make sure you run an update so that you're on the latest, greatest version.
  • We've added new artwork from the brand new Ed and Art house guest rooms at Old St. Francis in Bend. Browse through to see McMenamins inspired paintings from our Artists as well as portraits of teachers from Old St. Francis' past.   
  • We've been hard at work creating the NEW McMenamins Portal! You can login directly to the Portal or connect through the App via your Profile. Either way you can update your account information, register your new Passport and, if you're a Cosmic Tripster, claim your free concert or movie tickets, all from within the Portal. The App connects seamlessly with the Portal so managing your account and collecting your Cosmic Tripster prizes has never been easier. Stay tuned as we work to add more tools to the McMenamins Portal and create a one-stop landing place for all things McMenamins.
  • Growler Specials added to the On Tap section: Now you can easily find out what the Monday Growler Specials are at each location. If you click on the main On Tap section on a Monday, you'll see a new section listing all of the locations and the beer they have as the Growler Special for that day. You can also go directly to your favorite location's page and click their On Tap button to see their special beer and everything else they have on tap. Grab your growler and fill 'er up!  
  • McMenamins Spirits added to On Tap section: Our two distilleries, CPR Distillery and Edgefield Distillery, are producing heavenly spirits of the highest order, from gins to whiskeys to brandies and more. Now you can see find which locations are serving them up!  
  • Calories and Carbs have been added to On Tap section: Right now we have calorie and carboyhydrate information added in the descriptions for our standard beers and we're continuing to add info for all of our beverages. All nutritional information is based off our standard pours, 16oz. for Beer & Cider and 6oz. for Wine.
  • New artwork added to Art Section: We've collected and updated more art for you to peruse. You'll find art listed by location and artist, so go ahead and explore! 
  • What's New section added: We've put this same "What's New" info in the app so you can keep up on all that's being added while you're in looking for which pub has your favorite beer On Tap.
  • Updated photos for On Tap: We updated the photos for our beer, cider and wine in the On Tap Menu and added handy links to Untapped where available. We’ve also added Guest Tap Beer and Cider sections to the On Tap list. 
  • Added Search function: We added the ability to Search all areas within the App. When you’re in a specific area, the Search will look within that area only. When you’re on the main Sidebar menu, the Search field at the bottom of the menu will search throughout the entire app. We’ve also added Search and Filters to the On Tap and Art lists.