Friday, March 17, 2023

St. Patrick's Day Celebration at Edgefield


Live music starting at 1pm

All ages welcome

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About St. Patrick's Day Celebration

St. Patrick's Day Celebration

The leprechauns are on our side, bringing us rainbows and merriment for St. Patrick's Day. Join us for multiple days of food & drink specials, McMenamins own Irish Stout, live music and plenty of hijinks.

Live Music and Entertainment

Friday, March 17

Red Shed
Brigid's Crossing *1-3pm
Spud & The Snakeskinners * 3:30-5pm 
Johnny Franco * 5:30-7:30pm
Saloon Ensemble * 8-10pm

Jack Maybe Project * 7-9pm

Blackberry Hall
Crimson & Clover * 1-1:45pm 
Yeates Academy Dancers * 2-2:30pm
Crimson & Clover * 2-3:30pm
Jump at the Sun * 4-6pm 
Finnegan Blue * 6:30-8pm
Madeline Hawthorne Kelly * 8:30-10pm

Saturday, March 18

Red Shed
Kinvara * 12-2pm
Water Tower * 2:30-5pm
Elias Alexander Ban * 5:30-7:30pm
Ramblxr * 8-10pm

Ships to Roam * 7-9pm

Blackberry Hall
Peter Yeates Duo * 12-2pm
Yeates Academy Dancers * 2:30-3pm
Biddy on the Bench * 3:30-5pm
Blue Flags & Black Grass * 5:30-7pm
Na Rosai * 7:30-10pm

About Brigid's Crossing

Brigid's Crossing

Brigid's Crossing is a family band composed of Jill and Kevin Foley and their daughter Kayleigh. The group hails from Hood River, Oregon. They began playing together at local farmer's markets in 2016 and have gone on to record three CDs and perform at venues across Oregon and Washington. With Irish fiddle music at the root, their music has grown to include elements of bluegrass and American folk music. Brigid's Crossing doesn't take themselves too seriously, join us for some upbeat Celtic music and a pint.


About Spud & the Snake Skinners

Spud & the Snake Skinners Bio coming soon...

About Johnny Franco

Powerful singer-songwriter

Johnny Franco

 "I worked as an actor for most of my life, which got me an electric guitar and a way into the music business in Brazil. I had wrote 50 songs by the time I was 16. I wrote songs for advertisements, short films, soccer teams and highschool crushes. I sang them to friends at their apartments or home-studios, then I sang them on TV with my band. Now I sing them in the streets to make a living. I had to fall in love to understand what's real. Then I had to leave my country and follow her to Portland."



About The Saloon Ensemble

Wild and crazy flare

The Saloon Ensemble

Portland based band, conceived of and birthed on the open playa of Nevada's own Burning Man festival! Many members are also musicians in Portland's favorite bands including March Fourth Marching Band, Vagabond Opera, and Trashcan Joe. Their specialty is rocking contemporary tunes with a swingy, jazzy, campy, loungey, wild & crazy flare!

With over 4 hours of material, ranging from comic and stomping originals to clever covers of familiar hits from every genre imaginable. The Saloon Ensemble encompasses the spirit of one thing only:  FUN.  Crazy Costumes, Kazoos, Tap-Dancing, Shark Attacks, and Whiskey Sipping.. You never know what to expect at one of their shows.

Facebook Page:

Official Website:

About The Jack Maybe Project


The Jack Maybe Project

Jack Maybe was forged in the fires of the American sound. The sirens of Blues, Jazz, Folk, and Bluegrass grew nearby and he was able to learn their tunes. Through the centuries, he found different beasts who were his kin, and together they began to sing the songs of the Old Monsters who roamed the earth before they. The monsters change form and ferocity, but the songs remain the same.

About Crimson & Clover

Crimson & Clover

Crimson & Clover is a local trio that play a variety of Celtic music from 500 year old traditional Irish jigs to late 1800s American/Irish ballads. Katherine Rhee plays the hammer dulcimer, fiddle, guitar and bodhran. Malderine sings, plays guitar and penny whistle. Price Luber plays the bodhran and percussion.


About Yeates Academy Dancers

Yeates Academy Dancers

The Yeates Academy of Irish Dance Performance Troupe is an established dance academy and is the longest running Irish dance school in Oregon. Since inception, Yeates Academy has been the leading force for Irish culture and dance in the Portland area. We are passionate about sharing our culture and welcoming new members into the global community.

Owners and directors Sinead Yeates, TCRG and Breda Yeates

offer competitive as well as performance based classes. We focus on providing an open, diverse and family-oriented environment to all dancers where each student is encouraged to reach their potential. Throughout the year we offer workshops to all our students and our most successful workshop is our Jigs for KidsTM program in the summer. Our annual feis, the Oregon State Championship feis is held the second weekend in June every year.


The Yeates Academy performance troupe is recognized for our professional image and unique performances. Throughout the years, we have performed at major community events, including the Oregon Symphony, Celtic festivals, county fairs, community events and special occasion performances such as Ireland's Top Traditional Irish Band, The Chieftains.

We are currently enrolling new students at our Portland, Vancouver, Salem and Lake Oswego locations.

For further information, please contact

FB: YeatesAcademy,



Phone: Breda Yeates at 360-721-161


About Jump at the Sun

Celtic/American tunes and song

Jump at the Sun

Jump at the Sun is an infectiously joyful and enchanting chamber folk quartet that plays mostly old dance tunes and songs from American, Celtic, Canadian, Argentinian and other International sources.