Thursday, December 8, 2022

Avi Haviv

Kalama Harbor Lodge - Harbor Lounge



All ages welcome

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About Avi Haviv

jazz and classical guitar

Avi Haviv

Consider veteran musician Avi Haviv a citizen of the world. As a child prodigy he trained classically in Jaffa under a Master who studied with Segovia, starting what would become a lifetime of professional gigging at the age of just 14. Too young to be allowed in the clubs he was playing, he had to remain on the stage during breaks.

Avi relocated to London as a very young adult, where he absorbed the culture and musical styles of the funky metropolis in the late 1970’s. A move across the pond to the US came when he was accepted into Los Angeles’ Guitar Institute of Technology, where he studied jazz under greats including Joe Pass and Larry Carlton. He eventually settled in Australia, earning a name for himself playing rock and pop on the pub circuit in a crowd-pleasing duo featured as a frequent repeat musical guest on the popular morning television show Good Morning Australia.

In 1997, Avi did a small tour in South Asia with fellow Aussie singer Anna Maria LaSpina (although she didn't know it at the time, Anna would go from that lounge gig straight into jam packed international stadiums when another project she was involved with took off a few months later....a little project called Savage Garden). The tour would also end in a life changing event for Avi, who met an American anthropologist named Liss in Kuala Lumpur who would soon become his songwriting partner....and then his wife.

Liss + Avi Haviv = LAH, and nowadays the two (who eventually settled in the US and added a miraculous son plus a dog, a cat, and a host of chickens to their family) pen songs under that pen name while Avi continues to earn his living playing distinctive cover versions of other people's music at live gigs in and around the Pacific Northwest of America. Catch him if you can!