Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Man on TV

Man on TV

Man on TV is a guitar, bass, and drums trio local to Tacoma. Their music can be described as fast, up tempo funk-rock with disco influences and frequent improvisational playing. They cater a well diversified mix of covers and originals. The group comprises lead guitarist and vocalist Jake Shipp, bassist and vocalist Max Finley, and drummer Ryan Gipson. All three members originally hail from the Southeast and now reside in western Washington. Check out the following link to access their recorded and live work, as well as their social media page .


About Indigo Kidd

Indigo Kidd

Although grown in a small northwest town, Indigo Kidd truly found its roots in the entertainment capital of the world. The post-punk/alternative-pop trio was warmly welcomed in the Las Vegas scene in 2016 as Eli Curtsinger showcased his nostalgia inducing baritone vocals, emotional lyrics, and shimmering guitar work, cousin Garrett Curtsinger blasted through the reverb with surf-punk beats, and bassist Dalton Willett danced across stage after stage in front of their glistening neon flamingos and marquee lights.

The trio began turning heads at the Neon Reverb music festival and was soon after opening for notable acts such as Bad Bad Hats, Starcrawler, Wavves, and Dave Keuning of The Killers. After three national tours and selling out bigger and bigger Vegas shows, Indigo Kidd seemed on an inevitable rise before the Covid-19 pandemic struck. Now, with the release of new music and a thirst for bigger and better, Indigo Kidd appears back on track as they prepare to return to the road.


About Trusty Sea Creatures

Trusty Sea Creatures

Jonathan Mahler -also known as Trusty Sea Creatures- was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest. He was always curious about music, and musical instruments. Pretending to play guitar as a young child, and wanting to take part in family gatherings that were always filled with music. At age 14, he picked up an old guitar that had been stashed away in a closet, and decided to learn how to play. He, and his older brother, taught themselves -and each other- how to play guitar. Eventually Jonathan began to learn other instruments. Bass, piano, and drums to name a few. At age 16, Jonathan began writing music. Along with their uncle, the brothers formed the band First Quarter Moon. Living distance between everyone eventually lead to the project falling dormant. A solo musician, with a desire to record was born from those early years of playing music. Creating soundscapes, and playing any instruments he could get his hands on. After a few years, Jonathan found an old recording device, and began learning how to record on his own. Starting out with a primitive 8 track portable studio. He began self releasing music as quickly as he could, but found the limits of the recording device to be very constricting. After a few years-and with the help of his wife- he was able to get a modern home studio started. There, he began breathing new life into the old recordings he had made in the old studio. And with them, new songs began to emerge. In 2021, Some of those old songs, and a handful of new songs, became his first official release: "Running Through The Trees." He continues to live in the Pacific Northwest with his wife, and son.

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