Friday, July 8, 2022

Rob Rainwater

Grand Lodge - Garage Door

7pm to 10pm


All Ages Welcome

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About Rob Rainwater

blues/roots rock

Rob Rainwater

Rob Rainwater is a performing artist, songwriter, stories teller, guitarist, and mandolinist.  He is also a studio musician, producer, and at times, a bit of a stand-up comic once he takes the stage. Drawing on a background steeped in blues, folk, classic rock, and bluegrass, Rob creates a rich mix of originals and classic blues and rock covers. His songwriting comes from the heart, telling both autobiographical and fictional accounts of a man who emerged from a battered beginning and fought internally to discover his source of joy and hope as an adult. Rob is a man who has earned his right to sing the blues, and he can wail with the best of them. Then in the next turn, he'll share a song that points to a silver lining, a lesson learned, a truth accepted. Rob is a genuine people-person, a tender-hearted creative, and his passion is to express his experience through music and hear others' stories, too.