Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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About Saint Hussy

Saint Hussy Saint Hussy is an Alternative Art Rock band based in Tacoma, WA featuring Will Sowder (Songwriter & Guitarist), Kevin Henyon (Drummer), Richard Crowsong (Vocalist & Guitarist) and Aaron Bryan (Bassist). Taking influences from the 90’s Seattle grunge movement, they bring a new sound to the town that ranges from Prog to Metal with a dash of Blues. Forming Grit City Radio, they have gained a following which has led to their music to chart on Distrokids Alternative Playlist for 15 weeks in a row and a feature on Rock 99.9 KISW.

About Moving Pieces

Moving Pieces

Moving Pieces is a 6-piece cosmic rock band blasting off the confines of earth and transporting you into the great beyond. Based in Tacoma, WA their music echoes an interstellar post-hardcore landscape with melodic passages reminiscent of At The Drive In, Lacuna Coil, King Crimson and Tool with their own twist. Surfing the stages of the PNW at places like The Airport Tavern and The Valley has been this band's greatest pleasure as it gears up to enter the studio this winter to record their first debut album. A tight, fun and energetic band to see live!

About The Howlers

The Howlers

Snotty Boys with lipstick on, a party of two blowing kisses for you!
Tacoma Boyzzz making Noizzze drenched in Glam, Garage, and Blues.
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