Friday, September 24, 2021

Herman Jolly

Crystal Hotel - Al's Den

6pm - 9pm

$5 cover fee

21 and over

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About Herman Jolly


Herman Jolly

Singer/songwriter Herman Jolly is a long time Northwest music scene contributor. Originally from Montana, he came to Portland in 1995 and started the band Sunset Valley, which became a bit of indie rock legend and did a brief stint in the major label circus. He has released a dozen albums over the years with Sunset Valley, Seattle band Little Pieces, Megan Pickerel's (Swoon 23) project Buzzyshyface, and as a solo performer. His songwriting ranges from post-punk spacey power pop to dreamy backwoods country. Jolly's solo acoustic shows mix classic country gems, college radio hits, and his quirky and touching originals.