Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Grand Lodge History Pub

Crash Course: The Portland Air Disaster that Made History and Changed History

Grand Lodge - Grand Lodge Theater

5 pm doors, 6:30 pm program


All ages welcome

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About Crash Course: The Portland Air Disaster that Made History and Changed History

Crash Course: The Portland Air Disaster that Made History and Changed History

Presented by Julie Whipple 

Accidents don't just happen. On a cold winter night in 1978, a DC8 passenger jet with 189 aboard crash landed, out of fuel in a suburban neighborhood on East Burnside. Ten people died. The pilot was blamed and stripped of his career, and a sweeping transformation of flight crew training took place that made United Flight 173 (in)famous worldwide as the model for failure and change. That was only the half of it.

Hiding in plain sight for years in an attorney's file boxes, the forgotten truths of the landmark air disaster reveal much more: an emotional journey tethered to the disgraced pilot and a three-year-old survivor named Lisa who became an unlikely hero for justice and public safety in the rollercoaster legal battle that followed. This is the long-overdue, true story of a misunderstood airline disaster that forever changed the lives of those on board and countless others -- including yours. 

About the Speaker:

Julie Whipple is a writer and educator based in Portland, Oregon. She holds an MFA in creative writing with an emphasis on nonfiction. She worked in Kenya and Tanzania as the East Africa correspondent for the London-based, weekly news magazine Africa Economic Digest, and as a contributor for the London Observer, South Magazine, Radio France International and Deutsche Welle among others. Her work has also been published in the Christian Science Monitor, The Oregonian, Portland Monthly Magazine  and the Portland Business Journal covering an array of topics including tribal fishing rights in the Northwest, the emergence of bioethics as a field and force in medicine, the development of hydrogen fuel cells as a clean energy alternative, labor issues in multinational corporations and many other stories about business and scientific innovations and their impact on people’s lives.

Her background also includes several years as a journalism and creative writing educator in a Portland high school.

Crash Course is her first book. An early portion of it won a Kellogg Award for reporting judged by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Nigel Jaquiss.

Photo credit: Lukas Ketner, Portland illustrator.

About Grand Lodge History Pub

Grand Lodge History Pub

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