Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Makani E

Anderson School - Wegner's Garden

6:30 - 9:30 pm


All ages welcome

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About Makani E

Hawaiian Music

Makani E

Jim and Rozz Lowry have been playing music together for many years. 

Jim is a gifted guitarist having played music most of his life.  When Hawai'i called this boy from California, he immersed himself in island living on Maui where he lived for several years as a Boat Captain/Dive Instructor/Dinner Boat Captain during the day and musical artist at night.  He found his island girl that held all the same beliefs and principles of island living in his wife of several years, the band's female member, Rozz Lowry.  This Hawai'i born-and-raised girl grew up on O'ahu until adulthood then moved to Maui.  When not being the "Island Entrepeneur", she enjoyed playing Hawaiian music whenever the opportunity arose. 

They moved to the Pacific Northwest in 2000 and bring with them the lifestyle, spirit, culture, and music of Hawai'i.

Both of them grasp on to their Hawaiian and Island Style and culture by providing audiences everywhere a taste of their island music.  "We love playing music together", says Rozz.  "We found a way to hold on to Hawai'i in our hearts through the music. It gives us great joy to share it".