Thursday, August 22, 2019

Pilar French

Grand Lodge - Pat's Corner

7 - 9:30 pm


All ages welcome

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About Pilar French

Eclectic Rock

Pilar French

Pilar French is one of those unexpected talents who can bowl you over with intelligent, passionate songwriting and give you a groove to rock out to. She's a varied musician, and not just because she plays guitar and bass (depending on the situation): one minute she's in lounge mode, her voice all silk and smoke, and the next she's belting out a slightly askew blues tune. French calls it twisted funk 'n' blues, but she has an intimate, introspective side as well. She can evoke Marlene Dietrich singing Cole Porter, Nicolette Larson, Steely Dan, Maria Muldaur and Sarah McLachlan, just to name a few.

French has lived in Portland for 10 years and become deeply ingrained in the music scene through participation in a variety of bands and musical partnerships. She started in bluesy, funky bands, including Soul Patrol Mission and Swerve, then spent time with local art songstress Kate Mann in Ginger Lovely. French later found herself working with singer Lara Michell (Carmina Piranha, Dirty Martini) in a Duran Duran tribute band, which led to her joining Michell and Nicole Campbell's goofy cover band, Guilty Pleasures and One Hit Wonders.