Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Olympic Club History Pub

Seven Tongues Of Flame: Ireland’s Easter Rebellion Of 1916

Olympic Club - Olympic Club Theater

6 p.m. doors, 7 p.m. program


All ages welcome

About Seven Tongues Of Flame: Ireland’s Easter Rebellion Of 1916

Seven Tongues Of Flame:  Ireland’s Easter Rebellion Of 1916

For over 300 years, Ireland was an unwilling possession of the British Crown. In every generation, a rebellion to gain independence was led my military leaders - and was utterly crushed. At Easter in 1916, an assortment of poets, musicians, playwrights and journalists - known to history as "The Seven Tongues Of Flame" - sparked a new insurrection. Against all odds, this seemingly mad venture succeeded in winning Irish independence after three centuries of heartbreaking failure. Historian and folksinger Hank Cramer tells how this unlikely victory came to pass. He will also perform ballads from Ireland's history, accompanied by the local music group, Harmony Ridge.

About the Speaker:
Hank Cramer is a national-touring  folksinger from Winthrop, Washington.  He is well-known for his booming bass voice, wry humor, and smooth picking on a vintage flat-top guitar. He has recorded twenty-one CD’s and three movie soundtracks, and is a popular performer at festivals and venues across the United States, Canada, and Europe.  Hank’s most recent release, “Make The Rafters Ring”, is a high-spirited collection of Irish and Scottish pub songs.  Hank is also a respected historical writer and lecturer, presenting for Humanities Washington, Road Scholars, and numerous museums and National Historic Sites.

Easter 1916 Dublin Photo Courtesy: Brendan O’Neill

About Olympic Club History Pub

Olympic Club History Pub

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